Saturday, February 24, 2024


Hello happy Saturday!!

The kids came over yesterday for a few hours. 
Trevor and Daniel played together quite a bit. That was nice!

We ate a whole box of Chex Snack Mix between the 4 of us lol. Time to restock.

They were pretty good and we all had fun! 

After they left Trevor went to work and I did all the dishes, cleaned up the living room and made dinner. Then I ate dinner by myself watching Crossroads on Netflix while I waited for Scott to come over. He had stopped over by his mom's house and was surprised to find out that his brother and his girlfriend (not his wife) had boxed up the entire kitchen and a bunch of other stuff. His brother let her put some stuff online to sell too. Hmmm. So then of course I was like what was her name? This gal is 37 and dating his almost 70 year old brother. So gross. I found her multiple Facebook profiles with listings of stuff from my mother in law's house on Marketplace. Lovely! A lot of it is junk but why was this stuff not offered up to us first? There's a few things listed from the yard I am going to go get today if we go to town. I know everything is junk to him and he has no sentimental value to anything unless it was his dads. Jerk!

So anyhow, that's the fun around here :) Scott is fixing the alternator in Jessica's car. I think he might be done now. Good for another 20k miles ;) Poor car looks like hell. She can't really drive it much now anyways since she can't fit 3 car seats in the back seat.

I need to figure out what I'm doing with myself besides obsessing about dumb shit that doesn't really matter in the big picture today. I should put up some more fabric. I think I will work on ironing out another 50 fat quarters! That will keep me busy.

Hard to believe Trevor is going to be 21 in 4 more days. My baby is definitely not a baby anymore!


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