Sunday, February 25, 2024


Good morning happy Sunday! 
Sadly this is not a 3 day weekend :(

So we went over to mother in law's house yesterday. Look how nice my brother in law has a little bar set up. Who looks like they are making themselves at home NOW? Funny how he has all this time he can spend there now that my mother in law isn't there. It's a lot more fun when you have a girlfriend with you and you don't have to take care of a 90 year old woman.

We got a truck load of stuff from there, most of which was the daybed that we took over there and my mom wants back. Just got some random things. Hard to see what you want when it's all taped up in boxes. We did open a few looking for things and found them so that was good. I will be glad when this whole thing is done and finished with and we don't have to think about these people anymore. Just nice memories.

I spent a bulk of yesterday listing fabrics on the FB group and got CRICKETS. Oh well at least they are all cleaned up and organized. I can repost them again later. It's a hit or miss on that group with how much competition you're getting for people to see your posts. I have about one more round of going through stuff/posting and then I will have done a little something with everything. 

I got one round of the new cat quilt sewn.

Scott made us our Hello Fresh dinner. It was really good. We should be getting a new box on Monday with 3 more meals. I haven't made any of them yet haha.

Scott got Jessica's car fixed up yesterday so we took that over to her and got to snuggle the baby a bit. The big kids were having a play date at their other grandpa's house. 

Later today I'm going to go to Rio Vista to meet up with my old friend Joann and another work friend Carolyn. I think maybe we're having a late lunch? lol. Still working out the details. 

Washing all my bedding AGAIN since Snookie peed on the bed. She hasn't done it in at least a month. Probably my fault since I didn't take her out for one more tinkle before bed. I thought it hadn't been that long lol. Oh well I hated the fitted sheet that was on the bed anyways. I need to buy some fresh sheets. I hate the cheap ones I got the last round they are some gross blend or something. Probably going to have to just bite the bullet and buy something a bit expensive to have something nice that stays on the dang mattress. 

Think this morning I'll work on that last batch of fat quarters to sell!


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I made Zuppa Tuscano yesterday afternoon for lunch. Rick has been eating it for dinner, breakfast, snacks. It is damn good soup. The woman who was here at lunchtime said it smelled great so she ate some. She is a skinny, skinny minny. So skinny she brings a cushion to sit on so sitting doesn't hurt her bum. I can't relate Julie. 🤣😂
I had fresh Italian bread with it. She said she never cooks or has ever made soup before. I said I never did either until I could no longer eat soup from a can due to all having wheat flour. This has no flour, the potatoes make it thick. It's so easy I felt bad that she thought I was so amazing. LOL

Julie H said...

Yum I think I made that once with a Pinterest recipe.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Hey it won't let me leave a comment on Mondays post. Tried everything. My friend stopped by Saturday and she had been sick with what her doctor called The 100 day cough. It made me think of you. 😁

Julie H said...

@Peg, amazingly I'm just about done coughing for this round lol

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