Friday, February 23, 2024


Good morning happy FriYEAH!!

Boy did I know when that prednisone shot wore off yesterday. Wooowee. Back to coughing and my hip hurting lol. I didn't take any of my prescription meds until late afternoon yesterday and only took the antibiotic since I wasn't really coughing. MISTAKE. The pharmacist had said not to take prednisone before bed so I ended up taking it at 2am. I did not have insomnia after that haha. Trying to not really take that since I know it's not that great for my body but it sure is nice to not cough my head off (and everything that goes with that). 

Did you see the whole IVF thing in the news today?!?! Well lookie there. If we can't play God with women's bodies we can't play God in a lab either I guess. I was so shocked last week when Jess told her her STATE APPOINTED & PAID Dr could not prescribe her birth control because was Catholic. What the actual 1945? What is this world coming to? 

Anyhow since no one can afford groceries it seems like a great idea for God to just have women spitting out babies left and right.

cough cough
Thankfully I got my tubes tied before we reverted to the dark ages.

I finished my Black & White Cat Quilt yesterday. No cat faces since that is what the customer asked for. Luckily she liked it! 

Now I'm making another one with funny cat faces for fun. I got all the squares cut out so far. Now to sew them together. 

I've been washing the fabric yardage that I'm keeping. It smells so much better. I'm thinking I might just toss all the fat quarters and 1/2 yards that I haven't put up for sale yet into the washer on delicate. Really leaning towards that. Then maybe I'll do the larger yardages later too if they stick around. I haven't listed anything for sale for the last few days since I felt like poop.

Yesterday our hot water heater pilot light wouldn't stay lit. Luckily Scott figured out that one of the hoses? was leaking and putting the light out. He got it all fixed up last night so YEAH I can take a shower. I need to do that in a minute since the kids are going to come over while the baby goes to the Dr. Apparently taking 3 kids 3 and under places is a lot of work ;)

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