Thursday, February 29, 2024


Good morning happy Leap Year Thursday! 
There is rain in the forecast today and all weekend. Boooo.

Yesterday I worked on some of my fabric sales and then made a cake, cupcakes and cleaned up the house.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for Trevor's birthday dinner. 
Here is his first legal drink haha. Beer. Yuck.

They almost got us all on one table. 

Nephew Tony, Trevor's friend Chloe, Melissa, Mom, Me, Scott, Trevor and Daniel.
Eric had to work and my dad wasn't feeling good.

My dinner minus the sweet potato they forgot at first. Oh and a salad. Yum.

Little Nate got to come to dinner. The bigger littles stayed home with their Aunties.

Eric came over to the house after work for cake and ice cream. Simon wasn't sad. Simon was having a great time being the center of attention until the littles showed up haha.

Look how cute her hair is.

Cake time! Carrot cake and then we also had chocolate cupcakes for the non carrot cake eaters.

Mom got her baby snuggles in

Melissa playing the good night game with Daniel lol.

The kids playing cards. I'm not sure what game they were playing

So we made it through the February birthdays :)

I've been watching the ReesaTeesa Tik Tok Who TF Did I Marry drama. I figured out how to get all the parts to automatically play. I'm on like 33 of 50 something lol.

Darts tonight!

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