Monday, February 19, 2024


Good morning happy President's Day from Julie Coughington!

Yes once again I'm coughing. So annoying!! Hopefully it doesn't last forever again. Someone sent this to me last night, it's so pretty. 

Yesterday I took all the fabric off the bolts (originally I thought maybe this is why I was coughing, maybe it still is?) I measured it all except the ones I am keeping for now or that had issues. 

I think I will take a bunch of these to work with me and toss them in the dumpster. Maybe all of them.. Hopefully I'm not coughing my head off too much and can actually go to work tomorrow and the big meeting on Wednesday in Davis. I don't want to have to drive to Fresno later if I miss it. That's a LONG drive. 

Taking up a lot less space this way. I think maybe I have enough totes in the shed to use. Need to go out there and look. I also had 2 more claims so need to pull those out and pack them up.

Still need to finish ironing/going through the rest fat quarters and half yards. 

I wanted to serge the edges of the fabrics I was keeping before I put them in the washer. My serger came unthreaded and OH BOY was that not fun. I had to do a You Tube video to figure out what I was doing wrong. Who ever designed these was an idiot. After a lot of cussing and digging out better tweezers and using my phone as a flash light I finally got it going.

I have one basket full in the washer I need to go change it over and then the top part of this basket. The bottom has clothes in it. Scott finally unpacked his suit case that was full of dirty clothes.

Tomorrow I need to take these to the post office too. Hopefully I'll have a few more. I think I'm down to one person who hasn't paid yet from the other day.

I think I'll participate in this challenge!

I made stew and cornbread for dinner last night and took some over to Jess. I used my big pot instead of my usual one and I could taste the difference lol. I used to have 2 of the ones I use but I gave one to Jess. Might have to get a 2nd one again for cooking larger quantities. Funny how you have to have the "right pot" for making stuff.

Last night I was dozing and Jess called that Daniel had taken her car to town and it had died. Scott went to go see (luckily it was on the long road to where we live) and it took THREE HOURS for a tow truck to come. So ridiculous. I think he said it was the alternator. He just replaced that in the other HHR we have so maybe it will be a quick fix. He was super tired this morning and left for work late.

Simon is outside for now since it's not raining. She was so happy when I took her out there and ran around zooming lol. Looks like we have a chance of rain at noon today then lots of wind and maybe a tornado? We'd be f*cked for sure if that ever happened.

Ok off to figure out what I'm doing today. I'll start with some more coffee.

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