Wednesday, February 7, 2024


Good morning happy last day of my 40's! It's been fun and not fun ;) 
Amazingly most of it is documented here. I need to start printing this off to make my journals I guess ;) There used to be some companies that you could get to make a book of your posts I wonder if they still have them.

I started this morning by going out to put my latest rag quilt into the dryer. Here it is before the wash and dry to make it rag up. 

I found this fabric in my stash and it was enough for a backing so SCORE I could get something done without going to the store. Look at the original price tag that was on it too. I wonder how old it is. Probably 80's.

When I came in with a load of clean clothes from the dryer I ended up purging 2 kitchen trash bags worth of clothes out of the closet. Now that Scott is finally home I have to give him most of his clothes rack back lol. I got rid of some of his stuff he never wore in 2 years and a bunch of stuff of mine that I don't wear. I can almost get them all on my bar now.

Last night Scott went out to get the comforter out of the dryer. I went out later to put the quilt in the washer and he had not put the washer clothes in the dryer. I think that is only something a man would do. If I'm going to hike out to the garage I'm not leaving clothes in the washer with an empty dryer. Who does that? Scott.

The littles came to Grandma's while mommy went to her doctor appointment yesterday. Rosie got in a nap while she was here. I'm glad I have the little crib for her still. I need to bring in the bassinet for the baby too. Who knew it would be coming back in so quick lol.

After they left I got to sewing the quilt blocks together. Lucy really likes this quilt. I had to shoo her off over and over. 

Tina was cracking me up in this box. I got another box of patterns condensed down and brought the box in my sewing room to use for fabric. She took a good nap in there. Bonus of Simon on the floor behind her!

Tomorrow I'll be 50! When I turned 40 I was the fittest of my life and now I'll be the fattest haha. I guess I should work on that. If we could stop having all these life changing events so I could concentrate on myself that would be great. We are going to just have dinner at home so Jess & the littles can come. Chinese food of course! Scott and Trevor have the day off so maybe they will clean for me ;) That would be a nice present.

Today the littles are coming over while the baby goes for his check up. That's at 2 I think! Time to putter around in my sewing room before then.

Scott is going to Texas on Friday to go have his guys super bowl weekend. I'm not even sure what day he is coming back. Assuming it is Monday. Tuesday I have to go back to work and in the office too. Boooo.  I could live with not working and being home all the time. It's been nice!

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Rachael said...

Happy birthday! Have a wonderful day! i hope this year brings you health, joy, and contentment.

Congrats on your raise: could you contribute a larger amount into your 401k/ira and just have it automatically withdrawn from your paycheck?

And in response to an earlier post: maybe your mil had fewer attendees at her funeral because so many of her friends have already died before her?

Also, it might be a good thing not to inherit her house: bigger/more expensive property tax, higher heating & cooling bills, more maintenance on a bigger house, etc., etc. you need less stress, not more

Barbara said...

Sprouse Reitz! That's a name I haven't heard in years. That was our local five and ten-I used to love spending my allowance there. They had everything!

Julie H said...

@Rachael, yes I should adjust my TSP to put more money in. I need to do that probably! My MIL didn't really have any friends because my FIL was controlling and didn't really allow it. Just sad on the house since it's my husbands childhood home.

@Barbara I never went to one!

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