Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Today while I was waiting for Jessica to get out to the parking lot I watched every other kid she went to school with walk by. There were quite a few with the tell tale sign of Ash Wednesday on their foreheads. I did a little chuckle to myself because well obviously I'm not Catholic. If I was, I probably wouldn't be titling posts with the F bomb in them. But then again my soon to be ex-sister-in-law is/was Catholic and she did all kind of naughty little things (and big things too).

Anywho, the whole cross on the forehead reminded me of the time when I was quite a bit younger. I worked downtown at the local office supply store (before Staples & Costco put them out of business). We had a lot of art supplies along with knick knacks, cards, and misc crap.

So I'm waiting on this nun that would come in all the time to buy her Gesso and other paint supplies. The nuns around here don't do the full habit thing, just a small blue handkerchief looking head thing.

I'm waiting on her and notice she has something on her forehead. So being the nice person I am I tell her. She gives a little chuckle and says "I know it's Ash Wednesday". I'm like oooooo ok I so dumb now!

That and the incident when I asked some guy if he was sick because he sounded like he had larengytis (but he didn't) pretty much cured me of asking/telling people random things that were wrong/different with them. You could walk through the store with a huge length of toilet paper on your shoe and I wouldn't say a WORD.

Well anyways, that was my introduction to Ash Wednesday.Pin It


honkeie said...

I grew up cath-oholic and know all about it, but since i grew up and stopped believing in the easter bunny and santa I have since moved on. I chuckle to because ash wednesday is sort of a 'look at how religious i am' kind of a day. The bigger the cross, the bigger the sinner haha! Almost all the people that i know that profess to being 'good' have to be anything but! It is as if they dont believe in there own dogma! I mean come on, like god doesnt know when you are sleeping, he knows when you are awake, so stop sleeping with your wife's sister for goodness sakes!

Julie H said...

OMG that seriously had me in a coughing fit from laughing at that one!

~Sheila~ said...


I was confused about the crosses on people's forehead's too. Then I wonder how long you actually have to wear it.

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