Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sunday Night Birthday Dinner

Sunday night my Mom invited us to all go over to my Brother's house, and she would make us dinner over there. She made spaghetti and brought salad and chips and dip and CAKE! I wish I could show you pictures but I don't have any. They are all on my Mom's camera. I'm going to see her today so make I can steal them off her camera :)

I'm not a huge fan of spaghetti (or many other pasta's) but I know she picked it because it was a cheap meal to feed a crowd. We had our family (5) plus my Little Brother, his girl friend (who didn't eat) and my nephew (who didn't eat), Baby Brother and his girlfriend, my cousin Al who is on leave from the air force (getting relocated from Japan back to California), and my parents.

So we get there and I asked my Little Brother what his girlfriend's name was again because no one introduced her to Scott. Still can't remember if it is Lane-E or Lan-E. One of those. Anyways that was the only time she talked to me the WHOLE night. Or to anyone for that matter, except for my brother. She is one weird duck. I REALLY hope she doesn't last long. They were like in their own little world together the whole night and my usually fun brother was a total dud and he even ended up going and falling asleep??? before we all left. What the hell is it with people that host parties for us falling asleep? I actually called my mom the next morning and told her we need to find him a new girlfriend. I'm not usually like that but I REALLY don't like her.

Since Little Brother and the skank were all into eachother, my Baby brother and his girlfriend and my cousin, Scott and I spent the night talking. My cousin is a Republican and was talking about all his views on everthing. He was totally annoying my Baby Brother but it was kind of funny. I really like talking to him because he discusses things in a way that really lets you carry on a conversation.

Oh and Baby Brother's girlfriend and I talked about how to get rid of the skank when they weren't in the room too.

So we had started drinking when we first got there, having some whiskey and coke. Ummm sooo good. Then the whiskey was gone, and then the coke was gone so we ended the night drinking Bicardi and 7 up, which is actually really good. But I was also about 4 drinks in by that point so probably anything would have tasted good lol.

Before the night was over my other cousin dropped by. The one that is missing the tooth. I swear it is SO hard to talk to someone that is missing a tooth. Right in the front. On top. Plus he's just about always drunk (and jobless) so he's not a big person in a coversation unless it goes over to drinking, women, or cars.

Scott left with the little kids since he had to go to work early Monday morning and Jessica and I were just going to walk home when we left but it was so freaking cold we got a ride home from the toothless cousin. That is after we moved some of the garbage in his truck so we could fit in there.

All in all it was a great birthday although my REAL Dad never called (he called the next day, LOSER). I had so much fun hanging out with my cousin Al and my Baby Brother and his gf.Pin It

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