Friday, February 13, 2009

what to blog, what to blog??

My life has been so EXCITING lately. Seriously!

I've had several lunch dates. Yesterday I went to lunch with my Dad. When he called Monday to tell me he forgot my birthday (no shit!) I told him he owed me lunch. So we went yesterday to the awesome deli/hof brau that is downtown. I got a french dip, but had lunchers remorse and wished that I had ordered the hot turkey platter. That looked so much more yummier. Lunch was nice. Turns out my step mom got laid off from her job working at a nursing home. Guess she was wrong when she said that medical is the only way to go right now. Sucks for her but now she's tearing apart her kitchen to combat her boredom. That woman seriously never slows down.

After lunch I went off to a thrift store and got a few things. I picked up a pair of Levi capri pants for .99, can't beat that deal. Hopefully they fit me since I haven't tried them on yet.

I had arranged for my mom to pick up the little kids from the bus so I wouldn't have to make several trips to town (I was already on my 2nd since Jess had to be to school early for a field trip). I didn't worry about the little kids at all since mom was taking care of them. I went to pick up Jessica and her friend to take them to softball tryouts. We were almost there when my neighbor called me to tell me she had picked up my kids at the bus stop and wanted to know where to deposit them. TG for nice neighbors! I told her to go ahead and take them to my house since I knew my mom would be there shortly. I only cussed at my mom a little bit. Really. How hard is it to get to the bus stop when you KNOW what time to be there because your daughter told you THREE TIMES 3:15 not 3:20??

So I tried calling my mom's cell that she doesn't really use. She gets annoyed because she has to keep charging it, so she doesn't even bother using it. Of course she didn't answer. So I called her little house out by me and left a message telling her where the kids were and then called Melissa and told her to call me when Grandma got there.

A short time later my mom called. She had been driving in when the bus was driving out. The bus driver had waved at her so she thought that the bus driver had the kids and was waving to let her know?? So she turned around to follow the bus but lost it somewhere. She drove to the school and the school called the bus and the bus driver said she didn't know where the kids went because she doesn't know their faces to their names. I think my mom was kind of freaking out at that point. So I guess she drove to my house and there they were.

She's telling me that she WAS there since she passed the bus. I told her you have to be there BEFORE the bus gets there not after lol. She didn't quite seem to get it. A short time later my brother calls me all scared because the school called him to tell him that they had lost his kid! NICE! I told him they were ok. Still wondering why they never called me to let me know they lost mine too.

Anyhow, no one was really lost so I guess it's all ok. Mom needs a decent cell phone and a cell phone for grandparents book.

I went on with my day and went to Goodwill to check out the goods. Picked up a few things and then it was already time to pick up Jessica from try outs. It's raining today so hopefully they will cancel them today and I won't have to drive all over.Pin It

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Susie said...

OH my word! LOL Mom's are interesting aren't they. I hope I'm not all batty and out of it in 20 years! LOL

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