Friday, February 20, 2009

A busy day

Yesterday the sun was out. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs


It's been raining here on and off (mostly on) for about 2 weeks. Our driveway is a muddy mess. I cleaned all the mud off the inside of my car the day before when we had a few hours of sun. I HATE the mud.

So since the sun was out Jessica, who has been having try outs for the freshman softball team actually HAD try outs.

The kids and I decided that we'd hang out on the little playground while she was practicing. I packed some snacks and took my book and made sure we all had sweatshirts.

When we got there there was one little girl and her mom playing on the playground. I could tell that she was in awe of how rough and tumble my boys were! Yes they are a whole 'nother creature from cute little baby girls!

I tried to read my book but couldn't really concentrate on it. After awhile I told Melissa to keep an eye on the boys for me and I snuck over to the farthest bleacher where I could see Jess.

She just feels me with so much pride when I watch her play softball. It really is her element. I'm totally looking forward to watching her play high school ball!

After practice we went over to Big 5 to pick up another pair of sliding pants for her to wear at practice. She has lost a bit of weight since last year so her pants are all too big.

Then we walked by Hot Topic (since our Big 5 is in the mall) and got her 2 new pairs of jeans since she needed some of those too. One pair was actually marked down which was great since that doesn't happen often there. AND we filled another frequent buyer card lol. So next time we go in we will get a discount.

Trevor was having a bit of a melt down that he wanted to get "something". God I hate when the kids do that. I'm not going to buy some little piece of crap just so they can say they "got something". So he whined all the way over to the food court where we finally talked him into getting some food because I wasn't going to get him ice cream for dinner. I think he was just exhausted from all those hours of playing outside.

When we got home Melissa and Trevor were so surprised to find out that mommy had cleaned their room. They didn't seem to notice that mommy had taken out 6 bags of toys and 2 bags of garbage. We aren't talking little bags either!

I'm taking the toys over to my friend's house today so they can sell the stuff at their church yard sale they have once a year to make money for their women's group to go to a christian camp.

So today we will probably do the same thing as yesterday for softball practice. I'm thinking maybe I need to get something more substantial for a snack since the kids act like they are starving to death after school.Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

Nothing wrong with trying to be nice to your husband. I just think THAT needs to be communicated. You know...that way you both can make an effort to be nice(r) to each other.
Otherwise it's one-sided and you are doing all of the work and you end up feeling all unappreciated in the end.

(can you tell I've done this before?)

honkeie said...

Be nice to the husband, well only if he desirves it ha!
When I was in younger/poorer years I would plan out all the things I wanted to buy at hot topic. Now that I have the money and older I go right to the clearance racks and only buy it if its on sale lol! Oh, I was a goth kid now I keep that little tid bit of information in the closet lol.

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