Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Tidbits

I'm sitting here in my nightshirt. I just realized that this may be the last time I can wear it. It's soft and threadbare. There is a HUGE hole under the right arm. It's not so much the nightshirt I will miss when I have to throw it out. It's the memory that it is one of the last items of clothing I own that my Grandma bought me. Maybe I can wear it one more time...

I just looked at the seven day forecast.



OMFG I'm going to kill myself if it really rains for the next 7 days.

Today I have my book club meeting for "The Babysitter". I'm excited about going to the house that it's at because the woman is an artist. I know she has murals all over her house. ::tiny squeal of excitement:: I wish I could paint! I can barely paint a wall one color though. Sucks.

So yesterday Jess and I went and saw "He's just not that into you". I'll expand on that later. After that her friend met us at the mall so 3rd wheel mom went with them and she got her hair cut (looks cute, no pics yet, I'm sure she'll leave her camera laying around somewhere so I can show you). I paid and bailed since I was really only there for the wallet anyways. Gotta love being a walking wallet. They ended up staying at the mall all day and seeing another movie. I went and picked her up at around 11 at night. That was a LONG day at the mall.

While she was there she met a boy that she goes to school with. He was there with his two girl cousins so they all hung out for awhile. She found out that he is an atheist. Apparently he is in a band and has burned crosses before. I asked her if she thought he just said that for shock value. She said she had called Pastor Jason (her youth pastor that just got LET GO for some reason they aren't sharing) and talked to him about it.

It amazes me how faithful she is and how strong she is in her beliefs. I don't think I've ever been that way. And seriously I still wonder if there really is a God. I never would have said that about 5 years ago. But the older I get the more I doubt. And yet, my 14 year old is strong in her beliefs. In a way I think maybe it's because she is young and impressionable. Not yet hit with all the bad things that can happen in life.

On another note, the tooth fairy finally remembered to come for Melissa last night. She has lost 3 teeth in the last few weeks and puts them all under her pillow every night. She gets up in the morning and complains that the tooth fairy forgot AGAIN. This morning she got up and we heard her shout "FINALLY!" Too funny!Pin It


Nick James said...

Rain rain rain rain....gross. Have fun at your meeting.

Mary said...

Remind me to blog about my daughter's feelings about the tooth fairy....

have fun at book club!

Chris H said...

WOW our 7 day forecast is the same as yours!!!! That's uncanny. At least it isn't cold here though.

honkeie said...

If it werent for rain nothing would grow lol.
And as far as that boy is concerned he is just another monkey beating his chest to impress someone. Atheist for the most part dont burn crosses, thats the klan and skin heads. I dont believe in religion on any level but I do belive in god. And I dont believe in trying to call down the wrath of god by desecrating another religions dogmatic symbols.

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