Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Meter is Running.

Yesterday I went to lunch with my Mom and my Aunt for my birthday. I know, I know. My birthday was Sunday and I've been going out all week. Gotta love it! We met up at Olive Garden where I ate my weight in Shrimp Primavera, breadsticks, salad and appetizers. I was so full I totally skipped dinner and am finally a little bit hungry at 9 this morning lol.

After lunch I came home for a few minutes and then I had to go pick up the little kids at school so that I would have time to get to Jessica's school and pick her up to take her to softball try outs. We made it 5 minutes late thanks to the TON of traffic. Sheesh. Threw them out, then I thought we'd just sit at the little playground at the ball park. I walked with the kids over there and by the time we got over there I decided it was way too freaking cold to sit there so we walked BACK to the car and went to McDonalds. The kids all got Happy Meals and I read my new book club book.

My ex Sister In Law came and picked up my nephew while we were there (so nice we have cell phones now a days so you don't have to worry about how someone is going to know where you are). We stayed for about another half an hour until Jess called that she was done and then headed home. She said that she did pretty good at the try outs so here's hoping she makes the team. They are doing try outs all this week and all next week too I think. The part of that that sucks is that the try outs are all the way across town from the high school and they don't provide transportation. Which means I have to drive 12 miles to town, pick up the kid, then drive probably 12 more miles to the other side of town to drop her off.

The Mom Taxi is back in business.Pin It

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