Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stupid Beotches that try to kill my kid rant

I think I'm almost better. I'm actually starting to feel guilty for sitting around doing nothing. Sure sign I guess. Back to life as usual tomorrow I hope.

So this morning I was dropping the kids off at school. They go to a little school so there really isn't a lot of traffic, and because of that they don't have a very organized drop off area. They have a small parking lot incorporated in the drop off area. The teachers used to all park there but recently they made a new parking area for them so there are usually no cars in the "parking spots". So this has made the whole dropping your kids off from ONE lane to about three.

Me being the veteran mom, having had a kid go all the way through the school from K-8 and out knows that you don't just stop anywhere and let your kid out. You don't stop in the middle and leave your car. You don't just drive around everyone. This morning there was a row of cars along the curb, and then a row of cars in the middle. Everyone got there about the same time so I stopped in the middle with everyone else. My kids get out of the car, and Trevor as usual since he IS 5 takes a little longer to get out. The row along the curb is starting to move forward and pull out. There was a car next to me and I'm thinking, surely she'll wait for my precious baby to cross.

The freaking bitch started to pull out! Thank God he was paying attention or she would have just ran over my kid. To get home 2 minute earlier. I know she was going home because I rode her freaking ass all the way home (which was almost to my house) wanting to beat the shit out of her. Seriously?? Why can you not slow down for a second to let a little kid cross in the school parking lot??

So that's my big rant of the day.

I moved from the bedroom to the couch today. I don't have a TV in my room so today I got to watch TV all day. Usually I don't watch much TV so it was a rare treat for me. I now know all about Shaun Cassidy (totally thought him and David were the same person before, and WHOA how did he make out with his MOM on the Partridge family??), Kimoria Lee, and Dana Plato. Gotta love the biography channel.Pin It


~Sheila~ said...

I would have followed her to her house fo sho.
Nothing sends a message across like some crazy chick pulling up in your driveway with you to discuss your driving technique.

Chris H said...

If that had happened with my husband in my car he would have got out and said some vile words at her! He has a real temper with idiots in cars.

Chris H said...

Over here some call it road rage! I call it Stew being stroppy!

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