Sunday, May 30, 2010

All cracked up

The other day,
in an effort to get my son to STOP EATING
 (I swear he can eat non stop!
 I'm seriously scared for my future grocery bill)

I suggested we go for a walk.

We were going to walk around the lake.
This was about as far as we got though.

One of the pumps for our little man made lake recently broke. 
While they were trying to get it fixed the water has disappeared.
I have no idea where it went.

Here's a picture of what this area "usually looks like" from back here
Pretty different, huh?

The bottom of the lake intrigues me.

and Trevor

The cracks are HUGE.
Kind of reminds me of my legs when I forget to put lotion on them.
And/or my emotional state sometimes.
What, ME? Feeling CRACKED UP?
The Hell You Say!


He was able to walk out quite a bit.

Then he started sinking a bit.
It's a good thing these shoes were ready to be retired already.
I don't think they will survive the washing machine.

The birds were loving what little water was left.
I'm sure there are enough mosquitos and other bugs to eat!
My neighbor said they started filling it back up today.

No more showing us it's "underware".

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~Sheila~ said...

How neat! If any of our beds of water dried up, we'd be without South Padre Island.
Gotta keep the kids walkng!

Lifeofkaylen said...

Very cool! I love the cracked look. Not on legs. On dry lake beds.

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