Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Season Is Over

Oh man peeps. I'm so TIRED. TIRED TIRED TIRED. But we have reason to celebrate!

Today was the last SOFTBALL GAME!!

Do you know what that means?

No more having to rush from work to rush to pick up the kids to rush to get her to practice.

No more car smelling like death from dirty softball socks
No more hanging out in town for 2 hours while she has practice

No more driving to cities where I think the game is at one place only to find out that it's at some other place, but she doesn't know the name or the street it's on and no one else does either

No more having to pay money to get in to watch my kid play softball

No more drama about the stupid coach

No more drama about the stupid team mates

No more cut up knees

No more late night dinners (almost Trevor has 3 games left)

No more sitting in the wind (except at Trevor's THREE games that are left)

No more worrying or praying for or not for rain

I'm really going to miss it!!Pin It


Barb said...

I completely understand and agree. I'm so glad soccer is over for now..Now if I can just get through the rest of the school year.. Summer can't get here fast enough.

Chris H said...

I am glad neither of the kids at home now do soccer, or rugby or ANYTHING that requires me to do all that.

Sara Strand said...

This makes me want to turn my kids into hermits. I am very much not looking forward to that as my kids get older...

Susie said...

LOL Julie...I always want the season to be over then my kids spend a day or 2 together at home doing nothing...killing each other the whole time and I'm like bring on the soccer!

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