Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Diet Coke Junkie

This is day 3 with no soda.
I only wanted to kill everyone yesterday evening.
I was sooo tired and grouchy!!
I didn't really think about it being from not having any soda until this morning.
Hopefully it will get better!
Although I'm wondering if I am going to have to find a new "drink"
since my whiskey & coke contains COKE.

both are interesting articles.

Do you drink soda? What's your poison?
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Mary~Momathon said...

I used to have a coke every day in the afternoon and another one in the evening.. I also drank cherry coke and Dr Pepper.

I quit. Went cold turkey - No more pop! And I'm proud to say I'm pop-clean now. It's been 4.5 yrs and I don't even miss it.

I drink a lot of water now. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't like pop very much. I'm a water girl!


Retro Girl said...

I admit it. I'm addicted!!! Diet coke!! (sometimes Diet Sprite) I can't imagine giving it up. I do caffeine free, but I'm sure the nutrasweet isn't good for me...

I drink tons of water too, anyway...but ugh You're brave. I need a 12 step program and a straight jacket before I could give up Diet Coke!

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