Thursday, May 6, 2010

WTF I did something Green?

Today was the day!

The day when I was to go pick up my CSA (community supported agriculture) basket. I've been reading about them on blogs for awhile now. Finny Knits is always talking about hers and what she does with it. She posted a link awhile back which took me to Fresh Edibles which delivers RIGHT HERE, in my town. Amazing! It was $100 to sign up for a one month trial. So basically $25 a week, which let's face it, I spent more than that at In & Out Burger today for dinner. (don't judge we had softball!)

So anyhow, here's my basket!

Hmmm pretty scary!

Oh look I know what these are!!

according to the paper this is "spring" garlic. That thing in the middle is some kind of onion (not listed on the paper) and look carrots!!

Someone was pretty excited about those!

Don't try to take her carrot, she might stab you!

I'm guessing these are the "lettuces" not quite the ball of iceburg lettuce I'm used to. But I'm like 36 so I guess I can try something new right?

hmmmm oregano. Not quite sure what I'm going to do with that.

beets, what the fuck do I do with beets? I like beets on my salad but they aren't quite that texture so I'm thinking there is more involved than just cutting them up. And radishes. Why do old people like radishes? I just saw that Finny has a recipe for some radish thing. Guess I'll wait until I have a few more for that. And spinach. That I can just throw in a salad.

and strawberries! Score we love strawberries. They are a little tart so they are going to have to be dipped in sugar first I guess!

Do you get a farmshare? Suggestions on what to do with some of that stuff?Pin It


jennifer said...

looks yummy!

Chris H said...

I think $25 a week for veges/salad stuff is a bit expensive ... especially if you don't use it all.
I hope you can find out what to do with it all!

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