Monday, May 3, 2010

Sixteen in San Francisco

Thursday was Jessica's 16th Birthday!

We celebrated by going to San Francisco with 2 of her friends, getting a hotel and the girls going to a concert.

and we're off!
I had to drop the girls off at the concert first and then go to the hotel. Someone had to do an interview for a school thing so we got off to a late start. We got there just in time for them to get in line though. I dropped them off in the middle of the street since I made a wrong turn and we could SEE the place but not get to the right side of the street lol.

I then proceeded to find the hotel and then drive around the block THREE times trying to figure out where to stop for the valet parking. I found a place to pull over and called and asked where to stop. Um right in front of the hotel in the white zone you idot. bahahhaha

The hotel staff was really nice! Here's the room at the Hotel Adagio. I got the room for $89 on The valet parking was $39 which is cheaper than we paid last time and with BART being $10.50 round trip per person it was about the same to have the car with us and not have to worry about how to get to point b from point a.

Weird thing about the room:

I thought the bathroom faucet didn't work. Tried pulling the lever up and down and nothing. Later the kids figured out it pulls OUT to the side. WEIRD. Get a regular faucet already. 

I kept hearing a weird noise coming out of the furnace area. Not sure if it was critters or what but it kind of sounded like it.

The windows opened a bit so that was nice.
 Beds were nice and comfy and everything else worked just fine.

So back to the overnighter. The girls were doing this:

and this (someone may have made out with the boy at the top of the picture, I don't really want to know)

and me?

I walked around Geary street and ended up eating at Pinecrest Diner. My food was SO GOOD. I got the house club or something like that. Best sandwich I've had in a long time.

I wandered around a bit and then went back to the hotel. Seriously all the homeless people were really kind of getting me down. People walking with no shoes, feet all calloused up. Begging and following and holding doors open for me in hopes of some money. If you came with a fifty dollars and gave them each a dollar you'd be out just walking down the street I think. Really sad. It makes me wonder HOW they got there and WHY they are still there with no one helping them. Or if someone has TRIED to help them but they are so used to their life on the street they end up back there? I don't know but it's really sad. (and I'm used to beggars we have them all over around where I live but these people weren't sporting nice white tennies like ours)

So back to the hotel and then someone brought up cupcakes because I told the check in girl that it was my daughter's birthday. Totally nice, huh!?!

Then I just layed there and watched TV and played on my phone and dozed off and then woke up and was like HOLY HELL is the freaking concert over yet???? Not too long after she said they were done and I went and picked them up.

Everyone wanted to shower since they were covered in sweat and they were all STARVING. So after they showered we walked down to Jack In The Box for them to get some food and then came back to the hotel and crashed. 

Got up the next morning and went back to the Pinecrest Diner for brunch, walked around Union Square for a bit, came back and got our stuff from the hotel 

and then went to the warf.

Where I was promptly ditched.

So I walked around and found 

Which is basically a place with a lot of the old penny type arcade games (kind of reminds me of the one at Disneyland). It's pretty cool and a cheap way to entertain yourself. I've been to the warf a lot of times but never noticed this place before. It's free to go inside and most of the "games" are a quarter or two.

Here's more pics I found trying to find a video of the fair up there in the middle, it' a model of the world's fair and it lights up and moves. Couldn't find a video but found this blog with more pictures of the arcade.

Then I wandered out back and there is a submarine and this big ship.

I was too cheap to pay for a tour but it looked pretty interesting.

I was wandering along and there were some signs with some information about the area. One was saying how they basically built out SF into the bay and how it's built on any old crap they could find to fill in the bay. Nice huh?

Back out to the street and over to Pier 39.

Every time I see succulents I think of Danger Garden

Tons of people over by the sea lions of course.

I was feeling kind of loney and wished that I had brought someone with me. Not too long after that I met up with the girls. Here's some of their pictures of what THEY were doing. Looks like a lot more fun.

Although this one? She had just lost her sunglasses in the bay when she leaned over the railing. She was totally devastated.

After we met up they decided they wanted to go to the beach. I was pretty tired but figured ok, just one more thing. We found our way over to Baker Beach.

We drove right in and up to the day use area, there was hardly anyone there. When we got out we found out why. Cold and windy!! We stayed a few minutes

then it was back to the car.

And of course? It was commute time and it took us FOREVER to get home, where I promptly collapsed.

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Susie said...

Looks like fun! I might be wanderng the city alone myself on Saturday...if Kacey doesn't find another means of transportation to the prom!!

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