Thursday, May 20, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust

My sister in law, she took all those extra ribs home to my brother.

Guess what?
He thought they were GREAT!
I'm starting to think it was just the power of suggestion that had us all freaked out.

Today was another co-workers last day of work.
I didn't want her last day to be like mine was when I got laid off.
(She's quitting to stay home and be with her kids.)  
I took her a cute balloon , a card, and a gift card.

Everyone else?


FOUR YEARS she's worked at this place and they give her nothing for a going away party.

How rude is that??

I'm going to be really sad not to see her when I look to the right of my monitor from now on.
Speaking of monitor, how do you like my collection of Cuties stickers?
While I was looking for this picture
(don't you hate when you save a picture
and then when you go to find it you're like
where in the bleepidy bleep is it??),
I found a picture I took a long time ago to show you all my work space.

(her desk is WAY more messy now)

You see the chair closest to you?
That's my chair.
I have that 12" space and another girl has the rest.
It's really FUN sharing a desk.
Especially when the person you share with isn't very organized and has crap everywhere.
Instead of using that whole long section on the back there?
She uses the space to the right of her monitor.
I about went postal the other day.
I think I'm going to get me some of this

And put it down the middle.
(seriously people, go google duct tape and click on images,
people have entirely too much time on their hands!)

Since the one girl is leaving
and I'm pretty sure the person that is going to get her position
already has a desk, I emailed the big boss asking if I could have her desk.
He told me we could talk about it Monday.
Since then I've found out that they have someone new coming in
with a whole new position, which I'm sure,
means I have no desk still.

Freaking sucks.

What does your work space look like?

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Unknown said...

I am so blessed that I only have to go into an actual office one or two days a week! : ) So basically my work space is my desk in the living room and I sit here and try to focus on work when blogs are SO.MUCH.FUN!

Chris H said...

That is awful that only you thought to give her a leaving gift! Awful.
I don't have a work space!

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