Friday, March 11, 2011

Going Shopping Online?

Do you like to shop online a lot? I don't really shop online that much. Since I'm a little "fluffy" I have to try on my clothes. The kids have to try on most of their clothes too. Scott on the other hand? Is impossible to find clothes for in the store. He's 6'6" tall, which means you can't just walk into the store and buy pants. Or shoes. Shirts, underwear, and socks he can wear what's in Target.  He's ALWAYS getting frustrated when he needs pants and shoes. He's not much on fashion. I know to NEVER EVER buy him a baby blue shirt EVER again. He hates baby blue shirts. It might as well be pink!

For Christmas my mom got him 2 pairs of jeans but they ended up being too small so I took them back to JCPenny's and got a return-gift card type voucher. Today I finally went online to buy him some more pants. Most people can go online and just browse all the pants. For him? I put in the size he needs and see if anything decent comes up!

Most savvy shoppers know that if you are going to shop online you should first search for coupon codes.

I recently got an email from asking me to try out their site. So I went there and looked at their JCPenny's coupons to see if I could find any good deals. I tried one for 15% off, but it didn't work. Something about my items didn't qualify for that discount.  I ended up using one for free shipping though, which saved me about $15. With that gift card I had I only ended up paying $30 for 2 pairs of Levi's. Not a bad deal.

Oh look they even have some Van's Coupons. I'm going to have to look on there and find him some new shoes. His shoes look like crap. He got them at the Van's Outlet and they've been worn out for about 6 months and he STILL hasn't went and got some new ones. I bet I can find him some on there!.

Do you have a favorite place to get coupon codes from?

I was contacted by Coupon Chief for this review and will be compensated, however, all opinions are my own.Pin It


A Joyful Chaos said...

I don't do a whole lot of online shopping preferring to see the actual product I'm purchasing before parting with my money. :)


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I never seem to get the coupon codes I need. I thought I scored one for Wings and Things for my son's birthday dinner last night, but it turned out it was for one in Shreveport, LA!

Chris H said...

Never heard of coupon codes!
I don't buy clothes online... need to try them on first!

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