Thursday, March 31, 2011

No Longer In The Running For Mom Of The Year

So I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be winning any mom of the year awards anytime soon.

Yesterday Trevor had a game and I was just puttering around until it was time to go. He was all dressed and we left right on time. When we were almost there, we had about 5 minutes to get there in time for the warm ups, I remembered that OH MY GOD. His game started at FIVE not SIX. So instead of being there 1/2 an hour early and right on time for the warm ups we were basically an HOUR late. Part of me wanted to just turn around and go back home but we went and he still got to play a bit. Of course this would be the time that Scott got there on time and he was wondering where we were!!

Yeah so that was kind of embarrasing.

When we got home I realized the recipe I was going to make for dinner was for the crock pot. UM yeah. So we went to Round Table Pizza for dinner. Go me!

This morning Trevor was all worked up about wanting some money for the book fair. I thought for sure I had posted about my hatred of the book fair before, but I can't find a post anywhere.

Why I hate the school book fair

1. I'm cheap
2. I don't buy books (unless it's at a garage sale)
3. We own library cards
4. We have a small house
5. My kids never want to read the books we actually own
6. The school gives the kids a "wish list" to fill out
7. My 8 year old wants $50 worth of STUFF on the wish list
8. He doesn't understand why I won't buy all the stuff on the wish list
9. When I send money he never comes home with a book
10. I'm cheap

So he went to school with $11. We'll see what he comes home with. Hopefully it's better than the time he got the fake phone that didn't even work as a calculator like it was supposed to.

Do you think it's fair to let the kids go shopping like that? Do you let your kids buy things at the book fair?Pin It


sarah said...

Oh nice..makes me feel better. I REALLY love the time when they changed the time of a show up at the NORMAL time and walk in front of everyone realizing there is ONLY 6 minutes of the game left. ARGHHH! I swear..I have a child that has a cell phone..and won't use it and another that we can't let have one as we can't afford the UNLIMITED plan. Oh kids..gotta love them..not necessarily like them!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am not the person to ask about the book fair--I routinely dropped a hundred bucks each year (of course I was often running it!) and I never say no to the purchase of a book. It's a bit of an illness, for sure.

Mary~Momathon said...

I would love the book fair if they didn't shove it down the kids' throats like they do. The wishlist bugs me. I have an issue with the schools hyping the kids up for fundraising. It's the way they do it. I love books and I love owning them, but the book fair books are high priced and mostly thin paperbacks. Your kids can't go wrong seeing you reading all of the time and knowing that you use the library - it's the reading that counts!

Anonymous said...

you did post about the book fair before, I remember! I also hate it, b/c the books are much cheaper thru the book orders and are the same books. I had no problem buying books for Kyle, but I would buy one, and if he wanted more he had to use his money. Ashley doesn't like to read, but still wants books. I'll buy her ONE off her list. Then I'll hound her til she reads it :-)


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