Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've actually been cooking again!

Before I went shopping on Sunday I picked out 7 recipes from the Kraft foods site. In hind sight I picked too many chicken recipes so I've been trying to put the non chicken ones in between. I've been trying to track our money a little better now and got all anal and figured out how much each recipe cost me.

First up we have one of our favorite recipes, Creamy Pasta Primavera. I've made this quite a few times, but this is the first time I've actually used asparagus like it calls for. I used whole grain pasta also.

Here's a little breakdown:

Dressing (usually I have some but I was out) $1.89
 neufchatel cheese $1.99
can of chicken broth $.78
pasta $.98
zucchini $2.78 (due to bad weather in Mexico the signs said lol)
asparagus $1.83
chicken $7.58 (too bad it wasn't on sale)

Grand total: $18.52 

Which is A LOT! BUT it was enough for the whole family and for me to take for lunch for 2 days. 

Next up: Three Bean Turkey Chili. I didn't buy the crackers. Who eats crackers with chili? I made a big batch of corn bread. This cooked in the crock pot all day and was awesome. I thought I might have to eat it for lunch everyday but Scott LOVED it. I didn't tell him it was turkey until he was done eating and he didn't even care. I took it for lunch yesterday and last night I had HORRIBLE HORRIBLE GAS. So just saying you might not want to eat this when you want to be sexy or something haha. I was fine the first night though, so not sure what the deal was. Maybe it makes more gas the longer it sits? Weird.

Beans: $1.00
Beans $.68
Beans $.68
Salsa $.2.78
Tomatoes $.58
Turkey (only used half the rest is in the freezer) $3.69
Cheese $1.98

I had on hand the other ingredients

Grand total: $11.39

That was enough for everyone to eat (Jessica gagged a bit down, she hates beans). Scott had SEVERAL helpings and I took it for lunch one day.

Last night was Greek Style Lemon Chicken. Probably would have been better if the chicken had been fully thawed and fully cooked. I had to throw it back in the oven after the family picked off the "done" pieces. It was just ok. I have some left over that I'm going to make some fajitas out of.

Greek Dressing (lots left obviously): $1.89
Lemons: $.28
Chicken: $5.68

Grand total: $7.85

Like I said I have some left over to make another small meal or lunch from so not bad price wise on that one.

That's enough for now, dinner's done! 

All these opinions are my own, I wish Kraft would hire me to review their recipes that would be AWESOME ;)

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Chris H said...

Nice recipes you had there... we had chicken last night.. the chook cost $14.... which is about $7 US I think... so a bit more expensive here.

I undercooked ours too! I put it back in the oven .. didn't let anyone pick off the cooked bits... too scared someone would get selmonella poisoning!

charity_jo said...

I love to make chili too and found the gas issue unbearable. After some research, I discovered that you have to rinse and rinse the beans. I have made chili with dry beans and with canned. I prefer the canned just for the simple fact that the little money you save is not worth all the work to cook your own beans from dry. Just wanted to throw my two cents in, I enjoy your blog, I totally identify!

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