Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If Only I Got Paid To Stay Home

I feel kind of guilty for complaining yesterday.

In other news, I felt SO bad this morning. I turn down this little side road to cut out a big intersection on the way to work. There is almond orchards on both sides for most of the road with what I think is a chicken farm building in the middle. People are ALWAYS dumping stuff along that road. I've seen a bit of everything including a HUGE spa standing on end. Seriously? Take your crap to the dumps, it doesn't cost THAT much. Anyhow, today I noticed a Queensland dog, and then, noticed it was standing next to another one that looked just like it, only it looked to be dead on the side of the road. It's been eating at me all morning that I didn't stop and go check on it. I DID call animal control once they were open. I hope they go check it out. Poor puppies!!

Work is a freaking snore fest lately. All the support stuff for the applications is pretty much done, which is what I mostly work on. So until they are done with all the funding it's scraping around for stuff to do. The person I like to talk to the most at work is gone at a training all week so that's making it even less exciting.

Words With Friends anyone? I'm lil*jewels Yeah it's that exciting in here.

I've been counting down the time for lunch for HOURS.

Yesterday I finally finished listening to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo audio book. The beginning was rather boring and I had to keep going back and relistening to parts over and over again. My mind would wander off and I'd forget to listen. About half way through though, it got very interesting. I'm glad I kept with it. If nothing else, so that I'd be able to discuss it when people talk about it! I'm listening to the next one now, The Girl Who Played With Fire, which is interesting right from the start.

Audio book make the drive to work and back so much nicer! Not to mention that when I put them on my iPhone I can listen to it while doing dishes and cleaning around the house!Pin It


Lifeofkaylen said...

Poor puppies!!!! I don't know that I would have stopped either, but would have for sure called like you did.
I tried to listen to an audio book while on a 3 hr road trip. I wasn't tired when I started driving, but that book was putting me to sleep!! I just could not focus on someone reading to me...my mind wandered all over and I would miss whole segments.

Chris H said...

Snort fest! LOVE IT.
Audio books... I still have not listened to one!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oh no, poor puppies!!

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