Thursday, March 3, 2011

Feeling better and Moving on!

Well you will all be happy to know I feel a lot less of the "doom and gloom" today. I'm sure that doesn't have anything to do with me trying to finish up the left over wine from book club last night.

Yesterday was a nice afternoon. The sun was out when I got home and Trevor didn't have practice. I spent a couple hours outside pulling grass out of the rocks in the front of the house. I didn't know that your fingernails could be sore, but mine sure are!

I threw some left over chicken in the skillet with some onions and green peppers. Then I chopped up 2 left over baked potatoes and threw those in there along with a little bit of water and some salsa and wahhhlaaaa threw it in some tortillas and we had a yummy dinner. Melissa had been kind of turning her nose up at it all but when she was done eating she told me it was "surprisingly good" and that it would have been better with "just a little bit less peppers". Obviously she watches too many reality cooking shows! I think it's so funny that she loves cooking shows, yet she's super picky about food. Maybe I'm just not making it right, eh?

The rest of my evening was spent washing dishes and surfing the net. My youngest brother and sister in law are finally on facebook. He has a stalker ex-girlfriend so they were really leary of getting one. So they have the combined name and ultra weirdo blocking features on.

This is my favorite time to drive to work and back. It's pretty much all rural roads lined with almond trees which are in full bloom right now. It's simply stunning! Actually my most favorite time is when the blooms all start falling off and it looks like it has snowed. Gorgeous!

I hope today ends up being a good day. They are having a little "to do" for a girl at work that is getting laid off. I always find that such a strange situation. Here's your party, even though you don't want to leave, enjoy your last day! Tomorrow is actually her last day but a lot of people aren't going to be here so they are doing it today. Poor girl!Pin It


Chris H said...

Lovely tree!
What a shame that girl got laid off.

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I see you live in Central California, my in-laws are in the central valley area. I love when we're down there and the almond trees are in bloom, they are so beautiful! Hope you get to spend more time in your yard. I feel like I'm always working around sports practices and games and trying to find time to garden.

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