Thursday, March 3, 2011

Living The Simple Life

One thing I've noticed the last few years is how some people are really into THINGS, while others, more like myself, are not. These things are really in my face when I meet new people. Trevor just started baseball season so that of course, gets you kind of hanging out with other moms.

A few things I notice are:

Coach Purses
Fancy Shoes
Designer Clothes
Fancy Cars
Latest Phones
Big Houses

Those are the things that show the most on the outside.
This is what they probably notice about me:

Clearance Purse
Tennis Shoes or Flip Flops
Sale Clothes or Goodwill
Car bought for better gas milage
One step behind the lastest phone (that's a vice of mine lol)
Little Country House

Sometimes I wonder what people think of what I'm wearing. Sometimes even feel ashamed a bit of my cheap plastic-y purse when the person next to me has a nice one. But I could NEVER bring myself to pay more than $20 for a purse. $20 for a purse is a splurge for me. And you can bet that I will use that purse until it starts to fall apart.

I'm all for comfort when it comes for shoes. Those nice boots with the heels sure look pretty. But I know your feet hurt like hell.

The closest I get to designer clothes are ones I find at Goodwill or at Garage Sales (although I haven't been to a garage sale since I was laid off). I kind of got into the designer clothes when I got into selling on ebay. Although my favorite "designer" was GAP. Not much of a designer I guess but they jeans sure did sell well on ebay! One of my favorite pairs of jeans are a pair of Lucky jeans I bought for $5 at Goodwill. They were brand new at the time, although I've "worn them in" rather well.

When we bought our car, although we did buy it "new" I really had wanted to buy a used car. I'm not quite sure how we ended up with a new one. I don't ever want to buy a "new" car again. They are SO expensive. I put so many miles on the car that to me it's kind of dumb to pay that much. Although I do have a thing about driving a car that has issues. Growing up we always had POC (piece of crap) cars. We were forever pulling over so the car could "cool off". I remember one time my mom came to pick me up at the mall. We had this huge old ugly brown station wagon they got for $600. I was a teenager so that totally sticks out in my mind. Anyhow, she pulls up and we get in and I look in the back and there is this huge piece of metal in the back on a piece of cardboard. I'm like "mom, what is that? She says "I don't know but it fell off when I was driving and it's pretty big so it must be important".  (I think this is why I married a mechanic). Once  car starts crapping out on me I start hinting for a new one. So far we've had great luck with our cars though. I had my 1980 POC Sunbird that my parents gave me in high school (appropriately Lemon Yellow). When I was 21 we bought the Saturn, which Jessica is now driving. My car I have now, the HHR is a 2007 and knock on wood, we have had no problems. I still have about a year to get it paid off. Let's hope it stays running good. I'm already up to 90K miles.

I do have an iPhone. I'm an internet junkie though. I don't have the 4 yet, but I am starting to seriously think about upgrading.

And of course, our house. Where we live is like a mobile home park with houses (or a condo type situation). You own the house but the land is owned by all the members of the "club" and you have to pay membership dues. Because of this unique club situation banks will not loan you money to buy a house out here. This of course, drives he prices of houses way down. We paid $20K for our house when we bought it in 1993. We paid it off in 5 years. I can't tell you how awesome it is to NOT have a house payment. Even though we only have one bathroom, I have to walk out to the garage to do laundry and we only have 3 bedrooms. Sometimes I'd like a bigger house. I definitely get house envy when I see other people's nice houses, BUT my house is mine.

I think growing up on the lower end of the middle class definitely has had an impact on my way of thinking about "things". I'm a pretty simple person. I like simple things. Fully functional without a lot of frill. Take it or leave it I guess!

What about you? Are you a "things" person?Pin It


Chris H said...

To a certain extent I am...I like my computer, camera etc.
but I don't crave an iphone.... or a mansion....

I do wish we had a bigger house. Every bedroom is full now.

I love flash shoes, but don't wear them because ... as you said... they kill ya feet!

I get most of my clothes now days from the hospice shop! It's cheap... and there is nothing wrong with them!

It doesn't matter what you have, or where you live, as long as you are happy and your family is safe and happy too.

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

yes and no. I like things but not just to have a "name". Example. I got a $500 american express gift card a few years ago (before recession and loss of job) It was a thank you gift. hubby told me to do something frivilous so I went to the mall. I have always loved these coach hobo bags. I went into the coach store and stood there staring at it. I held it, I put it back. I walked around w/it on my shoulder. It was free money and I couldn't spend $495 on this purse.

I ended up at DSW and bought a few pairs of shoes for me and hubby and went home with hundreds of dollars left on the gift card. I bought a bag at Target and lots of other things.

So while I have wanted one of those bags for over 20 years I still couldn't do it.

scboer said...

OK...bad me. I am a purse LOVER!!! You know, what else can you have that always fits??!! Shoes never come in my size, clothes are what you can find at the fat lady store. I have to enjoy myself. I don't however pay full price for my lovely purses (John did for the one). That is why they make TJMaxx and the coach outlet store. :o) Miss you!

marmee said...

i definitely struggle with this one...i love beautiful things. of course nature is gorgeous but so are a lot of hand crafted things.
when my hubby and i were first married we went through a long time of needing funds(being poor). i had one purse. clothes from walmart. hand me downs for the kids. when things changed in the funds department...i admit to going a little crazy. but i am always telling myself to simplify. that's why we moved to the country. i know life is not about's about the people you love.

Jennifer Owens said...

A little bit yes, and a little bit no? I splurge on things from time to time. Like purses - I get what's on sale at Walmart and use it until I've killed it. Shoes - I probably spend too much sometimes. Phones - I'm like you, I have what was cool last year. I don't own many designer things, but I do spend a lot of money on clothes I think. I try to keep myself in check and have a balanced approach to things - like using coupons and shopping when things are on sale. So yeah - yes and no. I don't want to be a materialistic person, so I try to keep myself in check.

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