Wednesday, March 9, 2011

On a rambling train

Well today started off on the wrong foot AGAIN. I thought for sure we were going to miss the bus because it was time to go and we weren't even near ready yet. I was yelling "HURRY!! HURRY!!" to Melissa and Trevor. Of course Trevor does not quite understand the term "HURRY". I think that boy needs an extra hour in the morning to get ready. He loves to lay in front of the heater (we have a wall unit) and just do nothing. Which of course is fine if you wake up an hour early, which we never do. We did actually get to the bus stop on time and I even had time to write Trevor's a teacher asking what he has to do to get his toy back that the teacher took away yesterday. It's an exciting life I lead.

Speaking of the teacher. I have such a mental block with my kids teacher's NAMES this year. I, for the life of me, cannot remember those teacher's names for more than a couple of hours. I'm starting to think there is something wrong with my memory. Isn't there some kind of herb I can take to help that? Oh and I can never remember my sister in law's mother's name. EVERY TIME we go to my brother's house and they are there I spent about an hour running through names in my head trying to remember. Of course it never comes to me because she doesn't have a common name. Her name is DeeDee, I don't know why I can never remember that. It's quite embarrassing.

Jessica is supposed to have another game today. Hopefully she'll get to play. There is also a game on Friday. I told her if she doesn't get to play by Friday she might as well quit. I don't know what's the point of being on a team if you are only sitting on the bench. She was telling me this morning that two other girls that she has played with the last 3 years have also been warming the bench and these girls are GOOD PLAYERS! I'm talking like hit a home run every time you get up players. It's quite perplexing to me.

Last night Trevor had practice at the big ball field where the high school plays. He wanted me to stay so I walked around the complex for about 40 minutes. I'm about sick and tired of none of my clothes fitting. I'm just about to the right mind to do something about it. Baby steps I guess. I've really had my eyes opened recently to how much of the food we eat is not real food. It's quite scary actually.

When Scott got there I ran to Target to get Jess some paper for school. I picked up a pack of almonds to snack on for the ride home because I was STARVING. I ate all 3 servings on the way home. When I finally got home it was almost 8:00. Trevor was in my room crying that he needed some shorts. I found some in the dirty clothes basket and went in to see about eating some dinner. Trevor hadn't eaten yet either, which apparently no one else thought about while they were stuffing their faces.


So I got him some food and some food for myself and ate dinner and did the dishes. Then I did a load of laundry and put away the pile that had been cascading all over the floor in my room.

Doesn't it seem sometimes like the days are 100 hours long? Sometimes I'm so tired. I don't know how I do it and I end up yelling and being grouchy.  It's days like these that I want to quit my job and just be a stay at home mom again. Maybe once I get my car paid off. I don't know. There's always so much we need. Including the insurance I have through my work.  I guess it's not even really an option when you factor that in.Pin It

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Chris H said...

I would hate to be working again! I like my freedom... but more money would be so handy!
But... I chose to stay home now and just enjoy my life.

I have had several BOYS who are always running late... they don't outgrow it... sorry to say.

I can never remember the kid's teachers names or what class they are in either! I don't worry about it too much... I dread to think how many teachers I've had to remember... 8 kids... 32 years ... nah... just can't do it.

as for remembering names of friends or family I usually run through the alphabet in my head and the name usually pops into my head when I reach their first letter... DeeDee should be easy mate! A, B, C, D... dee dee! Try it... practise it... it works for me.

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