Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alllll byyyy myyyysellfffff sing it with me!!

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So I just got home from going to the movies by myself. Am I the only one out there that loves going to the movies by themselves? I think it's AWESOME! I can get my own popcorn, my own soda, sit where ever I want and even stay to watch all the credits if I want to!

I went and saw Something Borrowed.

It was the only chick flick that was playing that I hadn't already seen (the only other one playing was Bridesmaids which I saw last week with Jess). It took me about three-fourths of the movie to realize that HELLO, I have read this book. And the one that came after it. So now I'm racking my brain trying to remember how it all went. I know Darcy ends up going to stay with Ethan and I THINK I remember what happens. It's in the next book Something Blue.  I was thinking there was another one after that but I guess not. I wonder if they will make a sequel to the movie?

I really like Ginnifer Goodwin. I remember her most from Walk The Line. She played Johnny Cash's first wife. She reminds me of Sally Field. I think she looks a lot like her.

The reason I was able to go to the movies by myself is that my Mom took my two youngest for the night. Thank God for Mom's!! It's great when she takes them to her house since she babysits my nephew Tony. That way Tony and Trevor can play and Melissa ends up helping out with my other brother's little one, who my Mom also watches. Am I supposed to capitalize Mom when I'm talking about her? Since I am using it as a name? Hmm English classes were a long time ago. (and according to spell check I need to capitalize English!)

Today at work was pretty interesting. First I had to drive to a little town about half an hour away to get this lady to sign a contract modification. I got all the way out there and no one is home? Came back and the lady shows up in the office about fifteen minutes later. She told the contract lady that I must have went to the wrong house. UM NO. Freaking liar! Not that I really care since it got me out of the office for over an hour.

After that I went to a meeting. They were having a meeting because the girl that is my direct boss is quitting and they were having a discussion of sorts on how they wanted to go about hiring a new person. I decided to go to the meeting (which was open to the public) to find out what was going on, because this WILL affect me. Basically they don't want to pay people very much money to do more stuff than one person is really able to do without wanting to slit their wrists. Which explains why I DO NOT want the job. I put in my two cents worth and told the board that I think that the job is too big for one person. One of the board members basically acted like I was an idiot, even though I sat almost on top of the last girl that did the job and watched the most recent one go from cute and perky to totally stressed out and haggard looking. Yeah, you that comes in just for meetings and signing checks, you really know what you're talking about. It really makes me want to find a new job. BUT I don't really have to deal with them very often so I guess I won't. I just don't like the way they act. It really pisses me off actually.

So yeah. I'm home by myself at the moment. It's almost quiet. Except the fan is making a weird noise. Funny how you hear things when it's so QUIET.Pin It


ChrisH said...

Gawd for peace and quiet! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Karyn said...

Ahhhh the sound of silence! Enjoy it sweetie :)

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