Sunday, June 19, 2011

What A Weekend!

Wow this has been such a crazy weekend!

Friday night I went over to my friend's house to get a bunch of plants from her. She is moving to Minnesota, which is where she was from originally. She hates it here in the valley and was lucky enough to get a job back home. It will be great for her to be closer to her nephews and away from her job that she hates. Anyhow, she is a big gardener so I went over and got a bunch of her outside potted plants. She rents so next weekend we will dig some of the ones she had planted in the yard and get those too. Somehow we managed to get a half wine barrel full of plants in the back of Scott's little truck all by ourselves. I was quite impressed! Of course I had a few drinks while I was there so I had to stay awhile and didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning.

I slept in a little too long on Saturday morning and we ended up running behind for the family reunion for Scott's side of the family. I was hoping we could get his parents to ride with us but of course his 82 year old dad insisted that he drive himself. We didn't even get out of town and Scott had to pull over and tell him he needed to stop running the stop signs to keep up with us. Of course he didn't even think he was rolling them. He was good for awhile then started doing it again and at one point almost rear ended us. Oh and did I mention that he didn't drive over 45 the whole way there?

We finally got there and even though we were late we were still the first people to show up. An hour later his one sister and her daughter in law showed up, and then an hour later another sister and her son. Not too many people this time. We were outside hanging out when we heard a loud shout and we came running in the house to find my father in law sitting on the tile floor by the front door.

Apparently he had slipped on the rug trying to go out the door. When he fell he also hit his head on a coffee table that was close by. He was sitting on the floor and when he tried to get up he almost fell down. He couldn't control his right leg. Scott and his nephew got him  a chair to sit in and helped him into it. They picked it up and moved it to the living room and he sat there for a bit while everyone decided what to do.

We all knew that he must have broke either his hip or his leg and he wanted to go to the hospital in our home city. Scott and his nephew got him loaded in the car by carrying him and the chair out to it. (yes they are big guys!) Scott's sister who had been planning on going home with her parents anyways drove and we caravaned to the hospital (again not going over 45 since they were yelling at her not to drive too fast).  Eventually we got there and they took him in through the ambulance entrance. Hours later they said he had a broken hip and would have to have surgery.

Scott's mom was complaining that she was tired so I offered to take her home. She took me up on it and she complained of a head ache when we were walking out to the car. The woman is so tiny and frail. All I can think about is that there is no way that she is going to be able to care for her husband by herself.

Back at the hospital, Scott's sister ended up staying with his dad while they waited for him to  be taken to a room. We decided to leave since we had had plans to go to my brother's birthday party that evening. Jess had already taken the kids there. We finally got out of the hospital around 7ish. My sister in law said they didn't get him to a room until after 10 and they lost one of his shoes somewhere.

We went to my brothers and had a really fun time. Jessica's new boyfriend came so I finally got to meet him. When he was leaving I went to give him a hug and spilled part of my drink on him and messed up his phone. Great first impression, eh? I drank way too much and contemplated throwing up for most of the ride home.

I was wide awake early Sunday morning. I woke up to the sound of a cat fight out the back door. My cat that I just paid $400 to get his neck sewn back up had somehow got outside during the night and was fighting with the same fucking cat. I really need to try and catch that cat and take it in to the pound. I don't think it belongs to anyone. Eventually Buster came back and banged on the back door to get in. So far he looks ok. I hope he didn't do anything that will cause another abscess. Stupid cat! I told Scott he was probably pissed that he's had to sit inside looking at the stray walking around in his yard for a couple weeks now and wanted to go out and kick his ass!

I got up while Scott slept in and made a 3 bean chili for the barbecue at my other brothers for father's day and a Greek salad. Eventually he got up after sleeping in all morning and I made waffles. The plan for the day was to go visit his dad then go out to my brother's house. He ended up watching a movie so again we left later than I had planned. We went up and saw his dad who is doing pretty well considering the circumstances. He has to wait until Monday because he is on blood thinners (and 12 other medications). It's no wonder the man fell down with all those chemicals swirling in his system. Most people can barely handle one kind of medicine.

While we were there I left for a little bit to go take a card to my real dad's house, which is only a few blocks over. He wasn't home so we left the card on the porch. Hopefully it's still there when he gets back from where ever he is.

Not too long after I got back we left, went home and grabbed the food and then went over to my brother's house to celebrate Father's Day. I just got my dad a card since he's so hard to buy for. My brother? Got him an iPhone. Crazy. I wish they would talk about what they want to do so we could go in together or something. I'm sure I look like the total cheapskate!

Most of the time we were there was fun. The kids swam and I jumped in the pool for a little bit.

My niece was totally adorable the whole time we were there! She loves the water and blowing bubbles and EATING and she is starting to talk so that we can understand her and she is oh so much fun!!

I didn't take any pictures this weekend with all we had going on, which is so not like a scrapbooker. Oh well I have my great memories recorded here, right?

I hope you all had a nice Father's day weekend! I am going to try to get up early so I can go in to work early and maybe leave at lunch time to go to the hospital. Poor Scott isn't able to take the day off since his boss is on vacation (again) and he's pretty much running the place. I hope nothing happens to his dad while he's in surgery and everything goes well. He had a pace maker and a defibrillator in his chest already so there are a lot of things that can go wrong I'm sure. But we'll just not focus on those things and have a positive outlook right?Pin It


Chris H said...

Wow a busy weekend. My neighbour broke her hip a few weeks ago too.. poor old things.
Stretch marks, so girls get them , so don't. Its totally up to the sort of skin ya have! No amount of creams etc will stop them if you are genetically inclined to get them!
Yep ... wish them on her if ya want! lol

Mary~Momathon said...

You have the funniest most exciting life! Sorry for your father-in-law's mishap. That sounds so painful, but I have to admit the mental image of him being carried in a chair to the car had me laughing. The boyfriend - Hahahaha!

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