Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So how YOU doin'?

Hey crazy people!! It's been like days since I've posted anything. Feels like forever but I guess it's not that long. Don't forget to comment here for your free book! If I owe you a book it will be going out tomorrow. I'm a slacker, sorry!

My mom has had my two youngest kids since SATURDAY. It is now WEDNESDAY. That's a long freaking time without much responsibility. I feel like I should be in Vegas or something! 

BUT I have no money. 

Especially since someone has once again JACKED OUR F'ING BANK ACCOUNT. And guess where the jacker jacked our money? In VEGAS. Mother trucker!! So we are now the proud owner of not one but TWO new bank accounts at new banks. I guess we'll find out soon if it's someone at the bank that's getting our info or someone who is stealing our numbers somewhere where we shop. This time they used Scott's ATM card number at an actual CHASE ATM. Funny how they did that since his card was in his wallet here in our living room when it happened. We reported the card number as stolen and have been waiting for the "pending" transaction to clear so that we can get it reversed. Nice f'ing bank that makes you wait so long to get your money back!

To add to all the fun my cat Buster has been missing since last Tuesday. I thought for sure he was a coyote snack. BUT today Jessica found him under the boat in the side yard. WITH a big huge hole in his neck. I took him in to the vet and they said he probably got in a cat fight, got an abscess and it ruptured. So CHA'CHING. I really won't be going to Vegas anytime soon. I did apply for the Care Credit card and was approved so I get 6 months at least to pay that off with no interest. Would have been nice to put that towards something a little more fun than a scruffy cat.

And that is why we won't be getting anymore cats. 
Even though I love them.
Stupid cats.

Last night I picked up my friend at the San Francisco airport. I took her about 2 weeks ago, with no problems at all. Picking her up was fine too, except I now know when someone says they have landed to give them at least a half hour to get their luggage before you attempt to pick them up. Otherwise you get to drive around and around and around the whole airport since you aren't supposed to just stop and wait. Totally inconvenient!

Sunday we went to my brother's house for a BBQ. They cooked ribs this time and they were delicious! I had cleaned up my room earlier that day so Monday when I was off with no little kids I worked on Jessica's scrapbook. I haven't scrapbooked in forever so it took me awhile to get organized and to find all my stuff. I did a few simple pages and her book is now caught up to Halloween of last year. Woohoo not too far behind there. I'd like to keep hers all caught up. I'm planning on stopping her book after she graduates next year. Then I'll just do any of her stuff in my family album. The kid already is going to have to get bookshelf when she eventually takes all her albums. She has one for every year or two so that's quite a few!

I'm importing some audio books onto my iPod. From the library. It's a great way to get some free books and to have something to listen to in the car, washing dishes and putting away the laundry. 

Well enough about me, what have you been up to? I've been trying to read blogs and comment. Leave me a comment and I'll leave you on your blog too!
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Jennifer Owens said...

Your poor kitty! )o: And what's up with your bank accounts being hacked again? I remember that from the last time - something doesn't sound right there. Maybe it is someone from your actual bank who is doing that. That has to suck!

Julie H said...

The books I owe have labels on them and I'm going to go stick them in the post office box, they're on their way!!

Chris H said...

YOu always leave me comments mate!
I think someone is skimming your credit card number when you use it! Bloody theives!
I hope you get all your money back.
Poor cat.... I dread vet bills!
Last time we took a cat to the vet it was going to cost about $900 to TRY and save it... but we couldn't afford it so cat was put to sleep. It was so sad. Never had another cat since then.
I drive around and around at the airport too when waiting to pick someone up... better than paying through the nose for parking!

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