Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Going to the Sock Hop

I can't believe it's midnight already! I've been making stuff for my Mom's Birthday Party on Saturday. I'm doing a "Sock Hop" theme.

I just finished rolling all the plastic ware and making the cupcake toppers, what do you think so far? I got this cute graphic from Etsy. It took me awhile to get the pictures sized how I wanted them but I think they are cute! I've also got a record cupcake stand in the works. Hoping my glue "sticks" overnight or I might have to go to "plan b". Better start working on that one :wink:

I thought it was kind of appropriate that Grease just happened to come on while I was working on these. I wish it was more than the end that I got to watch. I love that movie. Although, watching it as a parent? Totally different perspective! We used to walk around singing the songs and acting the movie out when I was a kid. If only I knew what all that stuff they were talking about!! I guess some things really do fly over kids heads eh?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I think they flew over our heads because we were not inindated with sex 24/7 like kids today.

You do such fun and cute things for your parties!!

Anonymous said...

you have way too much fun over there. Party party party! How do you find the time, especially since you work?? Sounds great, btw!


Chris H said...

What is a sock hop?

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