Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If only there were more hours in the day...

Does anyone else have a hard time getting up in the mornings this time of year? It's just so nice and cozy under the covers! I seem to keep pushing myself to the limit of how long I can stay in bed.

So this afternoon I'm taking Trevor back to the eye doctor to see if he needs reading glasses. I'm really hoping not since I'm sure he'll break them 5 minutes after I shell out a bunch of money for them. Let's pray.

I really want to make this (or something like it)

Isn't it cute? I picked up some paper and glitter glue pens last weekend. Although I probably already had a ton of paper. It's been so long since I scrapbooked I don't even know what I have anymore.

I used to have a bunch of stickles but somehow they all disappeared. I'm sure my girls know nothing about where they went.

That's what happens when you have girls. You're craft supplies disappear.

Not to mention make up. And hair brushes. It's like a quest every morning trying to a hair brush and all my make up. I guess I should be happy it's not all my clothes too (although sometimes those disappear too).

I'm thinking about trying to make some of these too. They are so pretty!
I should probably finish making the apron I started a couple months ago first though right?

I was attempting to make my own apron without a pattern. I made a ruffle and decided it was too heavy after I sewed it on so I need to take it off and redo it. So it sits in a pile :) Yes, yes I should finish that first!

Are you bad about not finishing projects? I try not to do that but I do have a few abandoned ones.
Usually it's things that I become frustrated with but have too much time and or money into to just toss!

I'm not allowed to buy anymore vintage sheets until I actually make a dent in my "collection". I think I can definitely call it a collection now.
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Unknown said...

I am thinking of a post called "All that never was!" Dedicated to all the unfinished projects in my life! And the brushes will always be missing:( I received a versatile blogger award and would like to pass it on to you! I enjoy your blog and appreciate your following and comments:)

Christine said...

I never have enough time either!!!!

Eric W. Harper said...

I don't have a problem getting up.

jb said...

I love sleeping in as much as I can. I keep saying
I'm going to get up a little early today to do a work out and I just roll over and go back to sleep and that's my extra time in the Sometimes we just have to make that time for ourselves and just breath.


Pandora`s Box said...

I could write a book about all my unfinished projects. What's sad is, it's not that I don't have enough.I just lose interest midway.Bad I know.The little heart wreath looks so pretty. Would be perfect for valentine's day.

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