Friday, January 20, 2012

Windy windy and the Eye Dr.

I think our "big storm" is finally starting to happen. It was supposed to be raining a ton for the last two days. Yeah it rained so much the ground is still dry in my yard.... BUT it's freaking windy. Not just a little bit but the "make your vent over your stove whistle" windy. Trevor thinks we need a new house so we can't hear the wind inside. I told him it's more fun this way. Do you still get that whistle in new houses? I know my Mom's house still did when her house was new in the 80's.

In other news I took Trevor in to the eye doctor. Three hours later I've bonded with the mean receptionist over books, listened to another customer find out that her cousin committed suicide over the phone (and she didn't even cry, although I almost did listening to her), and watched my sons pupils grow by the minute. The Dr asked if he spends a lot of time reading (not really) or playing video games (um yeah just a bit), and told him he needs to take breaks so his eyes don't get tired. The verdict is that he MIGHT need some reading glasses and he wants us to come back next week. Apparently he'll be able to figure it by then. Hey it's just more Costco samples for me right?

The plan for tomorrow is to go make lemoncello with my sister in law. Hopefully it goes good an I don't zest my fingers off. Looks like it takes quite awhile to get done though. It better taste good after a month and a half!

Sunday is my in laws anniversary. It will be SIXTY FOUR years. Apparently my sister in law (other side of the family) is going to make dinner. I can't imagine being married sixty four years. That's a LONG time.

Well happy Friday everyone! I'm sure I'll be back with reports of our zesting and such sometime tomorrow!Pin It

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Pandora`s Box said...

I have a new house and yes I do get the whistles :)
You are making your own lemoncello. How exciting. It is my dream to sit in Positano with a chilled lemoncello and lapiz lazuli ocean below.sigh! A girl can dream right!:)Loved reading your post. New follower.Follow back if you like reading perfume reviews and random rambles:) have a great day.

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