Thursday, January 26, 2012

Violets and Wall Flowers

Isn't it funny how you can see something and that sparks a memory? I saw this picture of African Violets on Pinterest (of course) and it reminded me of my Grandma Pecka. She had quite a few African Violets in her kitchen nook window. She had a little shelf in there so she had probably 3 rows of them. I think I might have had one or two at some point but I have no inside plants now so they obviously didn't make it. I might have to pick up a couple just because they remind me of her.

So we went to the eye doctor. Trevor doesn't need any reading glasses. He said he thinks his eyes were just stressed. He had been playing my Kindle for about an hour before we went in there last time so maybe that was part of it. The Dr. said it's like a cramp in your arm only in your eyes. Weird. So after ten minutes he said take a break. Probably good for the computer too.

The receptionist woman that works there is usually a real dud. She's not real friendly and doesn't seem to have very good social "receptionist" type skills. You know, like "hi, how are you" and "can I help you" and "thanks for coming!". Simple things like that. She kind of reminds me of Eeyore. 

Last time when we were in there I had my Kindle and she asked me what I was reading and SHAZAM! she came to life. She started talking about her favorite author and books we've both read and the libraries. Totally different person.

So today when we went in she was super nice and friendly. After we were done I had to make an appointment for Jessica and I told her she had ripped her last contact so she went in and talked to the Dr. and brought out a pair for her to wear until her next appointment. 

I told Jess and said "see, I told you she liked me now!". 

I think I'll bring her some of my old books next time I'm in the area.
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Annsterw said...

It is always so fun to watch people open up when they find out you have similar interests...can never hae too many friends, esp. ones that hook you up with replacement contacts!! HA!!

Lifeofkaylen said...

Ha-I love that she totally changed towards you when you found a common interest. I feel bad for those type of people (and hope I'm not like that), cause they are probably missing out on meeting many new friends!

I love that pic of the flowers!!
Pinterest is a ridiculous time suck - I love it so much! :)

Chris H said...

It's neat when you strike a cord with someone and instantly have a new 'friend' .... kinda! *smiles*

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