Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Inking Up-18 Year Old Birthday Present?

I remember when I was a kid and the only people that had tattoos were either ex cons or vetrans. Those old faded out ugly tattoos. Most of them you couldn't even tell what they were.

One thing was for certain. Those people? They were considered tough. If they weren't tough now they were probably a bad ass at some time in their lives right?

Well except maybe my cousin Mike who had a Tazmanian Devil on his arm. He didn't really fit in either one of those catagories.

Now everyone is running out and getting a tattoo. Here, there and everywhere. I still don't have one. I don't really want one. All I really think about when I think about getting one is how much money it's going to cost and how stupid it's going to look when I'm old.

My friend is taking her daughter to get a tattoo on her 18th birthday. Which is next week. I'm all for bonding but I'm not really thinking this is my cup of tea. Spend a day in the city, get a massage at a nice spa, buy a nice outfit maybe. Permanently marking up your body that I've spent the last 18 years keeping alive? Not so much.

This friend of mine's daughter is a friend of my daughter also so now she thinks that I should take her to get a tattoo on HER birthday.

Ummm no.

And she doesn't want anything small, she wants to put this HUGE jellyfish across her back.

I know that once she is 18 AND NO LONGER LIVING IN MY HOUSE she can do what she wants. That's fine. But I'm not taking her to do it or funding it!

Now honest opinions, would you pay for and/or take your child to get something like this across their back?

What do you think about getting a tattoo for an 18th birthday present?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I agree with you 100%

I have to tell you about my sister who is 17 yrs younger than me. by that time my parents were oblivious to a lot! At 18 my sister got a tattoo. it was of Winnie the Pooh in full color baby! It is on the outside of her right ankle. Now as a woman in her 30's she hates this!!!! she still loves Pooh but for heaven's sake on an adult. When applying for a job she has seen people stare and she wonders if that is why she didn't get the job. so then she started putting makeup on it to cover it up. she went to see about having it removed. Not only very very very painful according to the doctor but my goodness this was expensive! So it's still there. I imagine Winnie will get wrinkled as she ages..tee hee

I told her be thankful she didn't get a flower on her boobs. Becasue in her 40's it would wilt. :-)

Jennifer Owens said...

I think tattoos are just a personal preference. And it's interesting how for the most part, people either love them or hate them. I have a family full of tattoo-haters. Mine have never gone over well with them, but I could kind of care less what they think. It's what I wanted for me.

I'm not so sure about that jellyfish -its an interesting choice for sure.

I have three tattoos and don't regret them, at least not yet. I don't really care about what they will look like when I'm old - two of them are on my back and the other on my neck so they're not blatantly out there either. I will say that this generation who is majorly tattooed up is going to be seriously funny looking when they get to be grandparents - I kind of can't wait to see people like Kat vonD (or however you spell her name) when she's like 75!

I would SO be the mom getting my kid ink for their 18th birthday. In fact, I TOTALLY look forward to it. That's just me though. (o:

Eric W. Harper said...

I don't have any tats; don't want any. But... I believe that 18 is old enough to go fight for your country, so it's old enough for ink on your body as long as it's in a place that can be covered up in case you want to look professional at some point in your life.

Anonymous said...

IM NOT GETTING A HUGE TATTOO ON MY BACK. How many times do I have to tell you that?

Anonymous said...

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whooptydude said...

People who have a tattoo and no longer like it should consider having a coverup tattoo done. The artist tattoos something new over the old tattoo. The results are amazing, and it's much less expensive than a removal procedure.

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