Thursday, January 19, 2012

Random Thursday

It's been so cold at night and in the mornings lately. Our house is old and drafty and we only have a heater in the living room. One of those 1950's (maybe) heaters. So last night I was so cold I put on pajama pants, my nightgown and socks.

I woke up in the morning, and my socks are on the floor. Anyone else do that? I don't have any memory of taking my socks off. Kind of creepy.

The other day I was brushing my teeth and somehow the toothbrush slipped and whacked that little piece of skin that connects your gums to the inside of your lip. I think it actually ripped it. Hurts like hell several days later. Who knew that brushing your teeth was so dangerous?

One of Jessica's teachers offered extra credit yesterday if they brought in boxes of tissue. I let her go to the store last night and she bought the max, 3 boxes to take in. Kind of feels like buying a grade, but hey whatever works right?

Now if her Pre-Calculus teacher would only do that..

I have to make an appointment to take Trevor in to get his eyes checked. Hopefully he won't need glasses but I'm thinking he might. That's about the age that Jessica got glasses and they are so much alike. Weird how genetics work.

Melissa got some knee high converse tennis shoes. Have you seen those?  They are cool looking BUT her legs are so skinny that they are tied super tight and she has miles of laces left over. I suggested she cut them but she didn't want to lose the aglets. (Thanks Phineas and Ferb, I'd never remember what those were called without you! Although I'll never be able to spell Phineas without looking it up.)  Anyhow, the shoes are cute but all I can think about is how I want to cut the laces everytime she wears them ;)

I need to make Jessica a doctor's appointment for her sports physical. So once again I'm debating on the pediatrician since that's the only place she's ever went or the grown up doctor who doesn't know her history. Most likely she'll only go to the doctor this one more time before she goes away to school (unless she gets sick) so I'm thinking maybe the pediatrician one more time??  Even though it is a bit awkward haha.

Have you heard those Blue Cross or Blue Shield commericals on the radio? With "Dolly Madison", who sounds like a Grandma talking about how she loves to help you on the phone? Everytime I hear those commercials all I can think of is YEAH RIGHT!! When is the last time you talked to anyone that actually sounded like an American AND acted like they really wanted to help you on the phone? And DOLLY MADISON? They gotta be making that shit up.Pin It


Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love her sneakers!
Those would have been something I would have wanted when I was a kid.
Too cool.

Annsterw said...

Tag: You are it! I have tagged you!!! I hope you choose to play along - I look forward to reading your answers!!!

Kids Creative Chaos said...

Love those shoes! I haven't seen anything like that in the stores. Thanks for following the blog hop!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I will go to sleep with pj pants, a tshirt, socks and a hoodie on and wake up with just the tshirt on. No memory of taking that stuff off. So weird.

Unknown said...

Lol! Good old Dolly:) I love your posts! My niece has some of those has my girls thinking! Thanks so much for linking up today! Now following you on GFC!

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