Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not too bad for a Tuesday

Whew, today was a busy day! Here's a bit of an overview.

First off, my little secret. I wear the same belt every day. I've been wearing the same belt for a long time. I bought it back when I was 52 pounds heavier and need a belt to hold my pants up. That's what you do when you have a small butt and big belly. You spend a lot of time pulling your pants up.

I still have to wear a belt because I don't have very big hips or a rear end. It's a good thing it has a lot of holes in it. It's a daily reminder (and every time I take my pants off and on) of how far I've come. 

This is the hole that I used to actually wear my belt on. 

Now I often have to tuck the tail in so it's not sticking out all funny. I guess I could buy some new belts but I'm kind of attached to this one.

I took the kids to the bus stop today and all the extra cars reminded me that it was voting day!! So I went in and voted. So nice we have a polling place right here in our little club. 

Jess showed me her sticker

Anyone else think it's wrong that it's in SPANISH on there? Obviously we live in Mexifornia.

For lunch today we went to the Farmer's Den but it was closed. They had a sign on the window that they were closed due to water testing. I hope that doesn't mean they might be closed for any length of time, I love their food! We decided to drive over to My Garden Cafe. Breakfast was sounding really good and I thought, ah, I'll just be a little bad and I ordered a breakfast skillet.

Apparently the size of my head.

I ate the eggs and some of the potatoes (with cheese) and some ham, mushrooms and bell peppers. I was left with this.

Probably about 4 potatoes. Seriously, that's a lot of food. I regretted ordering it right after it made it's way to the table and my stomach reminded me for hours afterwards of how stupid that was.

Waiting for the bus it seemed a bit warm. Yep, it's NOVEMBER. 

Picked up Trevor at the school after band and then went to the gym. My trainer ran and got her camera while I was working my arms.

Notice my mouth haha. Instantly reminded me of a picture from 6th grade of me playing softball.

Apparently I stick my tongue out when I concentrate. Somewhere I have a newspaper article of Trevor doing the same thing.

 I know I've shown this around a few places but I feel so stinking AWESOME. Not that long ago I was searching high and low for a dress that would cover up my fat arms. I was so embarrassed by my arms!

Me on the right July 2011

and today.

After my workout with the trainer (which was my last paid session but I've decided to keep going, now 2x a week) I hit the crossramp elliptical. Love this machine. If I was to buy a piece of gym equipment this is what I would get. 

35 minutes and 360 calories burned. BURN BABY BURN.

Ran into the liquor store and bought a muscle milk for after my work out. I need to buy some of these to keep in my car, maybe in a little ice chest?  Or just get more protein powder. I'm currently out.

Threw some dinner together. Mini turkey meatloaves (only one left must not have been too bad), left over quinoa (tastes better the 2nd day and with more butter) and some left over cauliflower.

 AND finally threw together a veggie soup, loosely made by the old weight watchers cabbage soup recipe.

 Lunch for DAYS. Yum Yum.
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Nancy Clue said...

JULIE - I want me some guns like yours! Awesome work!!!! You look fabulous! :)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I have the same issue of no butt, hips or thighs. makes it difficult to get good fitting pants.

I want my arms to look like yours.
After all my weightloss my arms are still too big to me.

Anonymous said...

your arms look fab! I have noticed that in other pix!!


Anonymous said...

FAB! not fat. I hope you didn't read that as fat. FABULOUS!!

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