Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Re-Cap!

Our internet has been out for 3 days! It's finally back on. Maybe I should learn how to blog from my phone?

My Thanksgiving day started by getting up early and going to the "No Guilt Thanksgiving" workout at my gym. It was basically circuit training for an hour with about 15 different stations. My brother and sister in law drove over and did it too. I should have took a picture of us all but didn't. Booo

Scott prepared by riding his bike into town. (over 11 miles). He stopped at the gym parking lot and talked to us for a few minutes and then went on down the road to visit with his parents. Riding to town is something we've talked about doing a lot and he finally did it! He said it was super windy all the way to town which made it really cold and a hard ride. The way home was much better for him. Super proud of him for doing that!

After I got home from the gym I made us all some breakfast and then I went out to ride my bike a bit. I had hit an all time low number on the scale (150.4!) in the morning and I was really hoping to maintain it! Scott decided to go with me so he could round out his mileage to 30 miles that day (CRAZY!). 

I felt better after riding, fully prepared to take on the day!

That lasted until we got there and started eating! HA!

(I forgot my real camera so all pictures are from my phone)

I came prepared with this cute turkey veggie tray, super easy to make.

of course I also made spinach dip, delish! There was also deviled eggs, salami with cream cheese and peppers, celery with peanut butter, you get the picture. Oh and I brought this

Absolutely freaking delicious! It tastes just like a root beer float. I'm kind of surprised I actually came home with half a bottle.

Here's miss "don't take my picture" Adrian grubbing on some salami rolls

She is such a big girl now, her hair is so beautiful (her mom fixed her pig tails right after this) she has tons of ringlets.

Miss Ava is also getting so big!

My mom is holding her here while our friend Anna talks to her. Anna stopped by on her way to and from other places for a visit, always great to see her.

Here's Ava & her mommy. We had beautiful weather!

Zoe hanging out with us

My girls and I. I never saw Trevor after we got there until we ate dinner. He was so busy playing with his cousin upstairs.

Ava with her Grandpa

We took turns stirring the gravy. I think we added 1/2 a bag of flour AND corn starch by the time we were done trying to get it to hurry up and thicken up haha.

Here is my gorgeous sister in law.

Jess used the timer on her phone to get us all in at the table. Everyone got in but Scott (this is from her Instagram)

The one on the bottom right my brother and I were screwing around trying to get the sweet potato pie done without burning the marshmallows! Mission accomplished. We were cracking up and I had marshmallow goo all over those gloves.

Ava was being so cute with eating olives off her fingers and cracking up.

 Babies make everything more fun, don't they (except maybe sleep!)

Here's my fat girl plate. OMG soooo good. 

Jess & Ava

and another self portrait.

We had a great time but left to go home around 9:30 because we were all so tired! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. What's your family's favorite dish for Thanksgiving?
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Melissa G. said...

In the picture of you and your girls, it's hard to tell which one is the mama! You're looking so good... and young! Holy cow! Are you sure *you're* not the college freshman?! :)

Sarah said...

30 miles for biking...all the way to town. That is awesome!! Has Scott ever tried the running? I seriously think I wouldn't recognize either of your not knowing you were doing all this. JUST CRAZY!! Keep it up!!

Jennifer Owens said...

Everything looked so yummy - and cute idea with the turkey veggie tray!

I love sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving - we put marshmallows on top. My Favorite!!

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