Sunday, November 4, 2012

Running Milestones

Saturday morning I went for my longer run of the week for my 5k-10K training. Five minute warm up walk, FORTY FIVE MINUTES OF RUNNING and a five minute cool down walk. I'm not going to lie, I was a bit scared! I laid in bed talking myself into it. 

"It's only 5 more minutes than last weekend"
"You can do it"
"Really it's only 5 more minutes!"
"You did all those intervals on Thursday and survived"
"What are you afraid of??"
"Just get up and do it"

and then I did.

I have a neighbor friend that rides his bike and we crossed paths four times while I was out running. I thought it was kind of cool and he keep saying "WOW" and being like "OMG you're still running!" (not sure if he actually said that but that's what I figured he was thinking-I did have my headphones turned up loud lol)

I went around all three lakes and still had to add in another stretch of road to run the whole 45 minutes. I can't believe how far I can run! What's amazing is that when I was finished I wasn't breathing really hard or feeling like I was totally going to die. I really can't believe it!

Starting the day with 550 calories burned is pretty freaking awesome too! Bring on breakfast!!

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