Friday, November 30, 2012

Off With November, Onto December

Well today is the last day of November, which means the end of one calendar page and the beginning of another. I'm really liking this whole "earn that sticker" idea.

Here is my completed November calendar. It's being an asshole and only wants to load sideways. On the plus side I've finally used up those stickers from 1980 something!

I did pretty good on my pile on the miles challenge. I didn't make my goal of 60 miles but I did do 46.39. More than half. I got off my schedule a little bit so I didn't get a couple longer runs in that I thought I would.

New goal for December=70 miles.

I failed at the Slimmer By December Challenge. I kind of knew I wasn't going to work out every day after doing that in October. Sometimes you just need a day off! Judging from my calendar I took 5 days off. That's not bad.

I'm still in an Ab's Challenge but not focusing on that too much. I did ONE DAY of the Killer Abs and that was all I got in.

I've been running 3 days a week, the trainer 2 and that's enough that I feel like I have to spend a day being lazy and/or doing laundry & catching up around the house.

So here is my results in pictures for the month of November. From the left is October 1st, October 31st and November 30th. Not much difference over all but my clothes are fitting differently so things are shifting around! I

Here is my December calendar

I'm almost done with the 5k-10k program and I've decided to train for a half marathon (April 7th) so I have a bit of "in limbo" time on the calendar where I will be done with one but haven't started the other. I don't know how long I'm going to "run" for but I figure I'll just schedule those as run days for now.

AND that Double Road Race falls in the middle there too so not sure what to do to train more for that. Just "RUN" I guess!

Here's to a thinner December!Pin It

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Sarah said...

I think you totally deserve a day off in there! That is just amazing all that training anyhow!!

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