Thursday, November 8, 2012

Report Cards and Such

This morning I woke up to the sound of the WIND blowing shit all around outside. WTH? It was so beautiful the last few days and now BAM! It's cold. 

Good thing I bought Trevor some pants last week. Although I'm going to have to go back and buy him some more since he only wanted one pair for some reason. Kid would live in shorts and flip flops year round if I let him. 

So here is my lovely view on my way to work

The weather didn't really seem that bad under all those clouds though. Weird.

I hit Starbucks for breakfast because we were out of coffee! How can that even be possible?? I REALLY wanted to order the sausage breakfast sandwich but it is 500 calories. Instead I got the egg white & spinach something cheese wrap. It was kind of gaggy to me. 

Reminded me back when I made these little quiche things when I was doing South Beach Diet and ate them every day for like two weeks (for breakfast)  til they made me want to puke. Yeah. Kind of wished I would have just got the sausage one and skipped lunch!

After work I rushed over to the school for the Parent Teacher conferences. I was really worried about Trevor's since he seems to be struggling a bit. BUT, check it out!!

Apparently things even out with homework and some good tests. All A's and B's and he's doing pretty good. Mostly he TALKS TOO MUCH haha and he  is too social when they are supposed to be doing other things. Good to hear! 

Then I ran over to Melissa's class and got her report card. Teachers never have much to say about Melissa. It usually goes like this:

So, do you have any questions?
She's a great student, doing really well
Ok thanks!

She did get 2 B's which the teacher said could have been A's but she got behind on some project (she temporarily lost her writing book or something). 

I'm pretty sure that both the kid's teachers are AT LEAST 10 years younger than me. Nothing like making you feel old.

After that I ran home and changed and then off to the gym! I was still sore from Tuesday's arm beating so I was hoping she wasn't going to kill me too much. 

Today we did 30 seconds of burpee's
10 "fat man" push ups on a bar that was pushed the sides of a bench. Kind of like if you did them on a bar over 2 kitchen chairs height.
Then 10 "fat man" pull ups with me on the floor below the bar and TRYING to pull myself up.

Confession I have NEVER EVER done a pull up in my entire life. 
PE teachers were embarrassed FOR ME.

and then I went over to this really high bar and had to jump up and then pull up my legs and then let go to the ground and then do it again. 10 times.

followed by 25 swings with the 25 pound kettle ball between my legs. 
and 15 sumo squats with arm raises holding the kettle ball.

AND then laying on the floor and taking the big exercise ball thing and doing a v raise to bring the ball to my hands and then attempt to do it again returning the ball to my feet. 

WHICH I only did one time because I would either not be able to get all the way up or my whole body would come up. Very difficult with crap for ab muscles.

I repeated all that 4 times.

Feeling like a rock star that I didn't die.

Then I did the elliptical for 40 minutes.

And then I DID die.

But I had to come back to life to go to the grocery store because we had no food for dinner. Or coffee. I just picked up a few things and will go grocery shopping tomorrow. MAYBE. I hate grocery shopping!

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