Sunday, March 17, 2013

Badger Cove 10K Death By Hills

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to go to our run! I was signed up for the 10k, Scott the 5k, my sister in law Maegen signed up for her FIRST 5k!, and her dad who used to run all the time but hasn't in awhile signed up for the 5k on race day morning.

Maegen and her dad came over to our house and we went together. I can't tell you how excited it makes me to get more people involved in running! Plus it's really fun having other people go with you!

We were running a bit behind and I was starting to think we weren't going to get there in enough time for my run. I told Scott if we got there too late I'd just run the 5k with him but we got there with about ten minutes to spare. Just enough time to get checked in and hit the potty!

Oh and to remember that my Pandora doesn't work there! DAMN! I have some music on my phone but I don't have it organized. Totally sucked.

I worked my way up to about the middle of the pack and before I knew it we were off! We started running down the path and into the trail. It was a bit hilly but not too bad. Just about the time we got to the 5k turn around area that all changed though. 

(I took these when it flattened out a bit)

The course started going uphill in a hurry. Up, up, up and more up. Before I knew it we were all walking. I looked up and EVERYONE was walking. I didn't feel too bad for having to walk after that. It was rather grueling! Several times I thought to myself that I must be a bit crazy to sign up for something like this. 

It was HARD. 

Even going downhill was hard. You had to be careful not to get going to fast. At one point I was running down hill and thought for sure my feet were going to come out from under me and I was going to eat shit. 
I'm a bit amazed at the people that did the half marathon. They ran the same course TWICE. 


There was quite a bit of cow poo on the trail too. I was thinking, sure would have been nice if someone could have walked the trail and scooped all that shit to the side before the race.

Amazingly I made it to the end without keeling over and somehow managed to get a pretty decent time for what I had went through. I'm very proud of myself for finishing strong! 

Official time was 1:17:12 (18 out of 51 in my age group)

(and it was 1/2 a mile longer than it was supposed to be)

Everyone did well on their 5k's! Scott got a pretty good time, Maegen and her dad ran the whole race without walking!

We celebrated by hitting the snack table. They had chocolate macaroons. OMG heaven!!

Now that March's race is out of the way I am signed up for my next one, which will be FLAT and non trail.

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Sarah said...

Awesome awesome awesome!!!

elisha_run_run_run said...

WOW what a GORGEOUS course!!!! and your legs are seriously ROCKIN' girlfriend!!!! YOU are looking amazing!!!!! Happy Monday!!!

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