Sunday, March 31, 2013


4 days of prep, 3 hours of party.

Yep, that was our Easter. We did manage to have a nice time even though we had a giant storm come through. My Mom didn't come because she was sick. Scott's parents didn't come because his Mom said it was too much for her now. So it was just my Dad and my brother's and their families.

This morning the kids still wanted to hunt for the eggs they dyed (I tried to get them to just do the plastic ones with the cousins but they wanted to do both). Well, the younger 2 anyways

Rusty was trying to figure out what we were doing out there. Too cute. 

Then we did it again with the filled plastic eggs with the cousins

While we were sitting outside this HUGE storm cloud came in.

Needless to say we didn't spend much time outside after that!

Luckily Scott got the food done before it started coming down. 

We also celebrated the girls' birthdays (Jessica's is April 29th but she might not be home)

and Melissa's is April 8th

I have always done their family parties on Easter so everyone doesn't have to come over 3 times in a short time span. (and if you are paying attention you'll notice we did Trevor's after his birthday so we had all 3 kid family birthday's in one month)

I told the girls they could be in charge of their cakes and Jess made this awesome Kit Kat cake.  They put candles on for both of them.

Which took forever to light

I was trying to get my niece to take a picture with me but she said no so my sister in law took one with me instead. 

Right after we were done with the cake the storm LET LOOSE. 
POURING, thunder and lightening.

The kids were cute sitting at the back door watching it. 

Everyone left not too long after. 

We all played two games of Yahtzee 

and now I should go finish cleaning up the kitchen and pick up the toys. Tomorrow is Monday already. I need another day or 4 to recover.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

looks like fun to me.
I see a lot of egg salad in your future. :-)

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