Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Progress Pictures

Happy Easter!!

I'm procrastinating finishing the cleaning, and you know, today is the end of the month so I had to do my pictures and stats.

I'm feeling really positive about myself right now. Might sound weird to say but I've been working hard! The scale did dip back down to 149 yesterday but then I didn't make the best choices yesterday and had drinks last night. So of course, for my end  of the month I am back up a bit. Oh well. The drinks were worth it! And it's not like I'm gaining 2 pounds of fat over night, it will all flush down the toilet eventually.

weight 151.8 (up 1.2)
neck 13
arm 11
thigh 19.5
chest 34.5 (-.5 poor bb's)
back 33
waist above button  31 (down .5)
waist at button 31 (down 1.5)
waist below button 31.5 (down .5)
hips 34.5

so up 1.2 pounds and down 3" almost all in my belly! I'll take it!!

7 months of picture progress

and just for fun I'm going to list the weights. 
Everyone is always so worried about the scale but this is only a 5 pound difference.

156, 154.6, 152.4, 151.4, 149.8, 150.6, 151.8

Proof that the scale isn't everything. 

Goals for April

Run Mon, Wed, (maybe Friday) and Sunday for a goal of 70 miles. 
I'm doing my half marathon training so I should get close to that just with what is scheduled. They have 4 days of running on the schedule but I usually only run 3 so we'll see how I feel about adding in one more day.

Weights on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Bike on Saturdays

We have a lot of stuff scheduled for April already. It's going to be a busy month! 

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