Monday, March 4, 2013

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today would have been my Grandma Marilyn's 81st birthday. I was thinking of her today, as of course, I do every day on her birthday.

(Grandma with her mom)

 I was closer to her, than my other Grandma, which is pretty common I think, for you to be closer to your Mom's mom. Especially since my parents separated before I was even old enough to walk. We spent a lot of time at Grandma's house.

with her oldest 2 children

Anyhow, Grandma Marilyn was pretty spunky. My Mom says that the Grandma I knew was way different than the mom she grew up with. For me she was pretty awesome.

Grandma with her 4 kids

When I think of Grandma I think of

florescent colored fingernails
nutter butters (almost always had them)

her organ (occasionally she'd let me play it)
triple pierced ears (yes hers!)
high heels shoes that matched her nails
fun blazers (80's/90's era)
her creeping up in the parking lot space until she bumped the cart sitting there
driving FAST
summers in the swimming pool
mai tai's (Grandma liked her cocktails)

Penny's catalogs (we spent hours flipping through those things)

the saying "three sheets to the wind"
fried chicken family dinners

pork chops once a week with fried potatoes
sodas in glass bottles
Scooby Do
dogs (she always had at least 3)
stamped cross stitch embroidered quilts (I have one she made)
crocheting afghans
soap operas (couldn't miss her "programs")
polk a dots
calling for the "fairy Godmother" to come do the dishes when we were done eating

I could probably go on and on and on but those are the things that pop up first in my mind when I think of her.

Miss her bunches.

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Chris H said...
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Chris H said...

I think your Grandma was ahead of the times! She sounds so cool!

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