Saturday, March 30, 2013

Running, Robbery, Gardening and Easter (o'le)

I started my morning nice and early today.

I finally hit 149 again on the scale. WOOT WOOT

We did our "long" run with the running group today, a 58 minute run. There was another person doing the training today and I really liked her. She did all moving type stretches before we ran and explained why we were doing things. She also talked about the different kinds of fuel and drinks we should use while running. I think next weekend I will take my fuel belt and try it out. Next Sunday is a 7 mile run so we will be out there awhile longer.

In 58 minutes today I was able to do 5 1/2 miles. Not too shabby.

My step mom wasn't able to make it so I ended up running by myself. Everyone else seemed to be either way faster or way slower. The weather was beautiful, which made the run even nicer. I was feeling really good after the turn around and picked up the pace a little bit. I ended up having to run a little bit past the meet up point since I came back faster than I went out.

After running I called the insurance company to find out what to do about the truck. They said to try and get it out of the tow yard (if it was drive-able . I called the tow place and I think I woke the guy up. I eventually told him I couldn't really even understand what he was saying (mumbling) and maybe he could call me back when he got his stuff together.

Then I went to the grocery store and got all the stuff for Easter.

I so did not buy these but I so wanted to buy them and eat them all.

When I got home I asked Scott if he thought I should call the tow place again and he said yes, so I did. The guy was actually awake this time and could answer my questions a bit better. He said he thought it was drive-able and to go ahead and g
o to the yard and call him when we got there and he'd come and meet us.

So we get to the yard and I call him and he asks "isn't there someone there?" I was like, well I don't know since I thought I had to call you I didn't go check it out. He said his partner was there and would be able to help us. I go up to the door and some kid is in there and yells to me to go over to the fenced area. 

We walk over there and there are some people unloading stuff from a large tractor trailer. We could see our truck so I just walked over to check it out. Someone yelled at us that we couldn't be in there and I told them we were trying to get our truck? Can someone help us? They said yeah but you have to get out of this area. Ok. 

So we walk back over to the office area and wait. And wait. And wait some more. So I called the guy again and was like hey, you need to call someone and tell them we are outside here and we need someone to actually come to the office and open the door?

That worked and some guy came over and opened the door and we went inside so mullet man and his mullet kid could help us. Seriously I have not actually seen someone with a mullet in years. I felt bad for the kid. Sheesh.

$290 later we had our truck back. Nice how someone can steal your car and you are out $290 just to get it back. The weird thing is that there is nothing wrong with it. Not sure how the guy got in and got it moving but he did and managed not to break anything. I'm not sure what our deductible is but if it's $500 we are just out the money.

After we got home I finished planting the flowers I bought yesterday. I kept finding more stuff to do so finally I told myself I really needed to stop and just go inside and focus on working inside the house.

stupid gopher

Jessica did some cooking and the kids did some cleaning. I told Scott he could clean the bathroom or put away the clothes (joking) and he said he'd clean the bathroom. SCORE! I hate cleaning the bathroom. 

I still have some stuff to do but I have 0 motivation to do anything else. The girls are cleaning up the kitchen so they can dye Easter eggs now.  Fun fun! I could go for a nap.

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Unknown said...

Great, you home looks beautiful. Pray your truck is not too expenses to fix

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