Sunday, March 17, 2013

St.Patty's Day Celebration

Saturday night we went down to the clubhouse for the annual Corned Beef and Cabbage St. Patty's dinner. We don't go to dinners out here very often. Usually either we already have plans, they are too expensive or we don't have anyone to go with. This time around we both kind of wanted to go and the kids didn't want to go (saves me $20 right there at $10 a plate) and my friend Traci was going. She always goes to all the St. Patty's dinners because her Dad's birthday was on St. Patrick's Day and they always celebrated with him at the club. He's passed on now but they still come down (she's what we call a weekender out here) for the party. 

The dinner was actually really good!

I may have eaten most of that.

Oh look, a drink. With a mustache straw!

Here's my book club buddies, Carol T and Traci

and Nancy and her hubby Al.

Nancy almost DIED last summer when her appendix ruptured. Now she's biking like 100's of miles every week training for a century race. Freaking AMAZING. Plus she does daycare. It takes special people to do that (I'm not one of them-EVER)

Carol T and her husband Bud

Traci and her husband 

Ginny, Carol T and Bev (think she might be joining book club, she is HILARIOUS)

After dinner they had the cake game. They have a big board thing where you pick a square and put your quarter on it they spin the wheel and if it lands on your number you win a cake someone made/bought to donate (most are hand made)

But it's a cut throat game!! You have to get yourself up to the board because the people get up there and they DON'T MOVE and then they will play like 5 squares! Even if they win they still stay there. WTH? 

I think we need to make some rules here. Like you only get one square? and then you have to get to the back of the line. Oh yeah, and make a line.


(this is a pic when they were almost out of cakes the crowd was huge in the beginning)

I was going to give up (not that I needed cake but I just wanted to play) but someone finally let me in haha. 

I guess we've made up. Oh and how do you like my hat?
Carol T at the wheel! 

Joanie runs the cake booth too.

I didn't win :( BUT Joanie had brought one of her famous rum cakes for Traci to celebrate her Dad's birthday.

Which reminds me I forgot to add that to my Lose It log.

Oh look my mustache straw doubles as cheap entertainment for myself.

 Aren't we cute?

After dinner we went to an "after party" at Carol T and Bud's house. We sat around drinking wine and chatting while the guys talked about bicycles. It was a bunch of fun! So nice to have neighbors that we like and that likes us back.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

looks like a great time!
I did nothing. It was great too.
A day of nothing can be wonderful.

Annsterw said...

What fun!!!! Someone woudl have to be crazy to not like you back!!! Looks like you had a blast!!!!!

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