Friday, March 8, 2013

Dr. Oz Magic Pill

I've got a bit of random in my head. I think I'll shake it out here.

Do you all watch Dr. Oz? I hardly ever watch TV and don't have DVR so I think I've watched it like 2 times when I was somewhere that it was on. I've come to the conclusion that people think that Dr. Oz is like THE BEST thing since Dr. Phil. Remember when Dr. Phil was so awesome and just told you the way it was and wan't just a celebrity? (I actually used to watch Dr. Phil a bit until he would contradict himself so much in his advice)

People around me are constantly telling me things that Dr. Oz said you should eat, not eat or whatever. Today at lunch someone was going on and on about some pill something or other that she's taking because Dr. Oz said it's good for you. Which is cool I guess if you are into taking a lot of supplements or whatever. 

It was like the magic pill!

But whatever happened to just eating good for you food? Just stop eating that stuff that comes in a pre-made package that is "organic" (or not) and eat REAL food. Food you have to cook yourself. I'm pretty sure there is some beneficial vitamins and ingredients in those too. 

And instead of just taking all these magic pills how about you go outside and go for a walk. Or run. Or hop on your kid's old rusty bicycle and take it for a ride around the block. It's amazing how good you feel when you get a little fresh air and exercise. 

Everyone is always looking for the quick fix. There is NO quick fix. It's all about hard work and discipline. Yes it's HARD. But it's so worth it. 

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Sarah said...

Yup!! Hard work has a better return when you earn it the old fashion way. It also makes you think twice about eating that bad stuff!! Lots of sweat and tears!!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

OMG I love you! I have been spewing this for years.
I have a neighbor/friend who drinks a TON of diet coke. First of all aspertaine (sp?) is the devil. 2nd it is worse than real sugar. And she eats ONLY processed food. She refuses to cook (she doesn't work and has no children so to me no excuse) She never had fresh vegeatables until she met me. I roasted veggies and I made her try them. Now she is hooked. She eats so poorly and can't understand why is so fat. She goes to the gym but she puts poor things in her body. The gym isn't going to help her a helluva lot.

Real food in moderation is so much better than fake food. As my doctor told me she would prefer I eat real butter, not margarine, real sugar, not aspertaine, real milk (2%) instead of fat free because fat free has more sugar.
It's really not difficult once you get into the swing of it. And you feel so much better.
Because when there is a day I go out with friends and eat crap I feel like crap the next day.

There is no pill, there is no magic answer. We have just become lazy.

I'm off my soap box now. :-)

Emily @ Running Like A Mother said...

Yes, I agree with you completely! I take a daily multivitamin & that's it. There's too many supplements/weight loss aids out there to keep up with it. The old fashioned way of losing weight is definitely best! :)

-- Emily @

elisha_run_run_run said...

Yes! I agree! People want a quick fix because they don't have the determination or will to do it the string way!!! Sad and sometimes it's just a lack of knowledge! Good post!!!


Sara Strand said...

1. I still love me some Dr. Phil. I feel like it's all common sense and maybe I should have become a therapist. I'd be telling people to shut up and stop whining a lot.

2. I can't stand Dr. Oz. He's crazy looking and I can't take him seriously. It's like, stop wearing scrubs. Just because you're wearing scrubs on TV does make me think you know more than me. Obviously I need to stop eating french fries if I don't want to be fat- I get it.

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