Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exciting Day In The Neighborhood

 Today after work the kids and I went for a little ride to Target to check out their t-shirt sale. Along with about 50 other women. By the time we got there there wasn't that much left in my size of the colors and styles I like. I only bought one pink tank top. I will never understand why they design some things so ugly! Seriously who wants to wear big numbers on their chest? And big ugly horizontal stripes.

I did get some St. Patty's stuff to wear to my race on Saturday though! Melissa is already trying to steal my headband!

I'm pretty excited that my sister in law signed up tonight to run the 5k! This will be her first 5k. Super fun!

On the way home from Target (and Starbucks YUM) I took another back road. I've been looking for a good place to stop to take pictures of the almond trees but they are either too bare, the street is too busy or they are on the wrong side of the street and I'm too lazy to turn around. Today though, I was rewarded with this beautiful orchard.

The green down the middle is a perfectly mowed cover crop they grow to help keep the dust down during harvesting.

In about a week or so all the pretty flowers will be gone and they'll just be trees again.

When we got home I walked down to the club house to buy tickets for the corn beef and cabbage dinner on Saturday. We don't go to too many of the dinners but I had been kind of thinking about going and then Scott mentioned going, which he NEVER does so I figured that was a sign we should go for sure! Hopefully all my little book club ladies will be there so we can hang out with them. I love them!

Have you seen the video with the older woman dancing as she's coming out of her house and down the stairs? That's my book club ladies to a T! (make sure you watch it til it's over that's the surprise part)

On my way back from getting the tickets I was looking at my neighbor's yard. It's the weirdest thing ever. They moved in last summer and they have a big dog kennel. Full of CATS. There are at least 7 in there. WTH? So weird.

Now we do have coyotes out here so it's really not safe to let your cats roam around but what kind of life is that to have so many in one small cage? They have a bunch of dogs too (not in kennels) and their place reeks of dog crap when you walk by. Or pot depending what time of the day you are walking by. Needless to say I haven't "met" them and they don't seem very sociable.

Tonight was run night. We waited a bit after dinner to let our food settle and then set out on a different course at a slow pace so that it would be easier for Scott to complete a whole 5K without walking. He did it! He was like well it was slow but sometimes you just have to focus on being able to make it all the way through and not worry about your time. Time isn't everything!

While we were out running we could hear what I assume was the sheriff talking to someone through the radio to come out of his house with his hands up. Obviously we stayed away from that side of the neighborhood. I don't know if the guy ever came out but when we got home I saw a sheriff car leave. Guess I'll find out the gossip eventually!

Hopefully tomorrow it won't be windy and I can get a bike ride in. Thursday is gym night too! I need to find a little work out for us to do. Something NOT with triceps and abs (ouch). 

Did you work out today? 
Do you have weird neighbors?
Is this time change killing you as much as me?
Does your Grandma drop the F-bomb?

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Melissa said...

I LOVE that view... those are amazingly beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful walk!

Chris H said...

LOL at the old lady! Her comment at the end of the video... most unexpected!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful orchard!

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