Friday, March 13, 2020

Here is my pretty breakfast casserole I made. Skinnytaste Veggie Ham and Cheese Breakfast Casserole I warmed it up for 40 seconds, I think I should have done a minute, but it is good reheated. I didn't feel like I needed to add ketchup or salsa to it, so that is good. I used to make this all the time way back when I was healthy haha.

My coworker came to work again and coughed next to me ALL DAY for the third day. I was hoping my boss would send her home, but no. We got an email saying that we need to take our laptops home with us every night now. Yes please have me telework!  I have nothing to do at work so I can get a lot of laundry done doing the same thing at home ;)

After work I washed a ton of dishes. Where do they all come from? I swear they multiply while I'm sleeping.

Then I made Chicken Enchilada Soup (on the stove instead of the crock pot), cornbread and prepped tomorrow's dinner for the crock pot.

My son keeps hogging my (personal) laptop so I haven't listed anything on Etsy or Ebay in awhile. I bought a ton of spiral bound community cookbooks for .10 each when I went thrifting last Saturday. 

I was looking through that Dinner for Two book and it has some of the best drawings in it. The book itself isn't worth much but it would be good for people who do junk journaling. 

This one is my favorite. I was thinking it would be fun to take off the recipe part and use it for something.

After dinner I worked on some keychains. I have enough hardware for 21 so that's how many I'm working on. I think I was tired when I matched up some of these fabrics. We'll see how they look once they are sewn together haha. Pinning them together takes so much longer than the actual sewing part. About 1/2 way done when I put myself to bed.

While I'm sewing I've been watching The Great British Sewing Bee, there sure are some talented people out there. I'd probably be like the guy in season 2 who just gets up and leaves once he realizes that he isn't talented enough to be there! Poor guy! I'm almost done with Season 2. I kept falling asleep trying to watch the last episode. Going to have to start it over!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

YUM. I love breakfast casseroles like this. Getting company next weekend so I know I'll make one. Easy peasy and darn good. most of all easy on me. :-)
I hope you get to telecommute! Schools closed here in DC. We in the burbs haven't yet but I see it coming. A lot of companies are allowing telecommuting so it's just a matter of time I'm sure for you. I hope so just so you don't have to sit next to Typhoid Mary anymore!

Julie H said...

@Peg, we have a teleconference at 10, we'll see what they say! So far my son's school is not closing and their spring break isn't Good Friday.

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