Monday, March 30, 2020

Weekend Sewing & Cooking

Hello!! Happy Monday!  I've done the one item I had to do for "work" so far today and answered the phone 3 times. I still think that's so weird haha.

What did we do this weekend? SEW and cook and get fatter lol.

Friday night! Corned beef in the crock pot used for sandwiches. Turned out pretty good. Scott some really good rolls from Rayley's on the way home from work. I'm pretty sure they were like a week's worth of carbs in one ;)

I had bought a 2 pack of whole chickens at the store awhile back and finally thawed them out. Saturday night we had roasted chicken.

Sunday I put the other one in the crock pot. The idea was to use it for soup but there wasn't much actual chicken left so I'm going to cook up some chicken breasts for soup to go with the juices from the chicken. Also I made mashed potatoes and gravy which didn't turn out all that great but eh no one is starving here.

All weekend I worked on pink scraps. Sewing them together and then making the right size strips for some zip bags. Last night I had 12 sets made up for bags and still all these strips left. Each bundle is 10 strips. Anyone want any strips? They went into a bag for some other day lol.

Today I can iron these and then cut them into bag size. I finally had an ah ha moment and realized if I just do 10 strips together that is one bag. I think the first one or two I didn't coordinate the prints, just colors but then I started putting together strips with the same fabrics so they are more matchy matchy.

That's all the excitement around here. I should probably do some laundry today since I'm down to the not so favorite underwear ;)

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